Writing 101 brainstorming

TOPIC: The Future of the Meat Industry

1.Making a List
Narrow your area focus. Find one subject or idea within that topic. Aim for at least 5 different ideas and list in bullets.
2.Describing Your Topic and Finding Your Keywords
Pick one of these ideas and write 1-2 sentences describing your narrowed topic.
3.Thinking of Synonyms
Underline at least 4 phrases or words in your 1-2 sentence description. Then, for each underlined word, come up with at least two synonyms, abbreviations, acronyms, or alternative terms to describe it.
Your list of at least 5 narrowed ideas on your topic.
Your 1-2 sentence description of your narrowed topic with at least 4 key terms and phrases underlined.
At least 2 synonyms for each of the 4 key terms or phrases
Five sources on your topic from the Library search (including author, title, date, and URL)