Write APA Format and use 6 references and citation if you can please follow instructions -RP

Appendix # 3

Problems for the text: Required for Activity 9 in Week 11
1.A researcher is asked to determine whether or not a productivity objective (in dollars) of better than $75,000 per employee is possible. A productivity test is done involving 20 employees. What conclusion would you reach? The sales results are as follows:
2.Assume you have the following results from sample data:
S = 30, n = 64, and sample mean = 218.
Conduct a two-tailed hypothesis test for
H0: µ =200 at the 0.05 significance level.
3.A researcher hypothesizes that 15 percent of the people in a test-market will recall seeing a particular advertisement. In a sample of 1,200 people, 20 percent say they recall the ad. Perform a hypothesis test.