Write an intro paragraph to this lab report

Please follow the slides to guide you and Remember to cite references in the introduction carefully and correctly
● Summarize the main features of the methodology of the background article
● Summarize the relevant findings (key word “relevant”-not all of them) of the background article
● Summarize the conclusions of the findings from the background article
Current study (OUR CELL PHONE STUDY)—What did we do and why? (briefly) (Note: If you have not already collected your data, you may need to talk about it as if you have already collected it.)
●Why did we do the current study?Why is it important to study this?o Is it a recognized problem? (or potential problem)
OR Is there conflicting literature in the area? (leaves questions to be addressed)
● What was done in the current study? What were the variables of interest? What was the methodology (generally speaking)?
● What did you expect to find? (be specific in describing the relationship between your
variables of interest) Why did you expect to find this?
It was hypothesized…