Write 3 discussion posts

Make sure to include references to all readings and videos within the discussion posts. Length of each discussion will be stated.
Prompt #1: Identify at least one thing from the readings and videos that you find particular disturbing and one thing inspiring about Christianity in the United States. What do you think was the key to MLK and other black Christians achieving civil rights for all Americans? How can American Christians accomplish similar advances in love and justice for the marginalized and oppressed in our country and world today?
Length #1: 400 words
Readings and Videos for #1:
1) Cone – attached below
2) watch the video below

Prompt #2: Describe Liberation Theology and assess whether it is an appropriate response to the oppression of poor Christians in many Latin American countries?
Length #2: 250 words
Readings and videos:
Global Gospel- by Douglas Jacobsen – Chapter 4 (can be found on scribd.com, you just need to make a free trial account!)
Introduction to World christian History – Derek Cooper – chapter 8 (also found on scribd.com)
Watch this video as well!

Prompt #3: Briefly describe exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism as responses to the Christian encounter with other religions. Which of these responses do you find the most compelling and why?
Length #3: 300 words
Readings and videos:
Mann- attached below
Watch the following videos:

Please let me know if you have any questions and make sure to answer each prompt and its questions. make sure to include references for all of the discussions and that you cite your sources.