Worldview Short Essay

This essay should do two things. First, it should discuss and analyze the arguments and worldviews in this week’s required readings (I attached them). Second, it should discuss the ways in which your worldview affects your daily life. You are reading articles from a Christian and from a secular perspective discussing the impact that Darwinian thought has impacted our world. How accurately do these reflect reality? Use specific examples from your experience and from the required reading, remembering to include proper citations as necessary.

Your discussion should be specific. Make sure that it is clear that you read the material and that you thought about it carefully. Avoid generic statements like “it was interesting”, “it fit the week’s readings well”, “I liked the article”.

To complete this assignment, you need to provide a Turabian bibliography and Turabian format footnotes for all direct references to outside materials. You should have at least three footnotes in your short essay.

Avoid using direct quotes in an assignment of this type—it will rarely be a good use of your limited space

The essay must be at least 600 words. The essay must specifically and appropriate reference to the required reading materials, including both of the required articles, and outside research as appropriate.