Working as a professional performer

Paper length: 5,000 to 7,500 words (10 to 15 pages at 500 words per page)
The paper must focus on researching a specific career or field in the music industry. Examples include working in sound reinforcement, working as a music publisher, label management, marketing, touring, venue management, artist management, post-production, how to make a living as music producer, how to make a living as a songwriter, etc.
The research paper must include an interview with a music industry professional in that field. Faculty can help you connect with an industry professional for the interview. Just make up an interview or if you can find someone to ask questions then you can do that as well. But THAT NEEDS TO BE IN PAPER!
The research paper must include a minimum of one reference to a book, or trade magazine or a database available at the Rowan University Campbell Library. Please contact our Music Librarian Bret McCandless for assistance with library resources:
We also compiled a Music Industry Research Guide listing databases available at the library for you as a starting point:

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