White Papers Question

5 Main Body of White Paper – Analysis of Current State
Do not share opinions in this section.
Write this section in a formal tone using third-person pronouns. Imagine that a Board of Trustees or a Congressional panel could look at this. As a representative of a healthcare organization, you want to build credibility for yourself and your organization.
Please address the following:
A formal introduction to the topic. You can adapt this from our conversations about your topic selection in Module 1.
Background of your topic issue, including why this issue is important
Analysis of the current state of the issue, including contributing factors to the issue
Stakeholders affected (or affecting) this issue
Needs/gap in healthcare services created or exacerbated by this issue
Anything else you need to establish an evidence-based foundation for your white paper
It should be 4-6 pages in length, in APA format. Keep in mind that you should also create your “References” section in this assignment, which would be included at the end of our paper. References need to be in APA format.