what you learned from this student article they choose

This if what another student choose as an article below please write one paragraph saying What you’ve learned from this article…
Students post is below
1) What the article is about? (100-150 words) (3pts)
This article is about “The New Era of Marketing Strategy.” Written by Melissa Parrish, she explains how times have changed from mass marketing to now digital marketing. Digital marketing is like no other in the fact that it is unfamiliar. The auther proceeds to explain that the marketing using digital data is failing. A lot of what they tried to do broke customers trust. The companies almost forgot that humans are complex beings, not just numbers in a spreadsheet. They long to be part of something, not have the digital age take over, they still want to contribute. This article dives deeper into how needs for the digital data need to be expressed and followed accordingly.
2) Why you select this article (2pts)
I selected this article because now a days I think people believe we are very forward with our technology, which we are, but this article highlights how technology is not always the best. When marketing, you should consider the use of technology, social media etc., but maybe not completely. Digital marketing is a great tool, but you should also not completely rely on it. People are human and they do not want to be replaced. Thinking about all aspects and all scenarios when creating a marketing plan is key.