What is the reason for sex trafficking and why are the numbers of people being trafficked higher now than ever before?

You will write a more detailed description of the data you will use to investigate your research question and how you plan to analyze that data. The more concrete this document is, the better. It should include a description of how you will gather the data (interviews?
archives? governmental datasets? something else?) and what kind of information the data will contain (if interviews, what types of questions will you ask? if archival data, what kind of archival materials? if governmental datasets, what kind of information and at what level?). This section will not contain technical details about analysis (e.g., no need to specify statistical tests), but it will contain information about what you will look for in your data and how you will know if you’ve found it. It will also contain some discussion
of why this data is appropriate to answer your research question, as well as a discussion of the limitations of the data

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