wgss- Discussion post about “doing gender”

In your discussion post, please share your brainstorm of how you might photographically document how you “do gender” in public, private, and/or digital spaces. You could think of this in a contemporary or childhood or adolescent context. Please also share how you might photographically document gender and sex transgressions (“undoing gender”) in ways that resist rigid gender norms and expectations.
Aim for a 4-5 sentence post with one image
background info: Gender is a basic category of social life. Modules 3 and 4 help us understand how gender and sex shape our everyday lives and manifest in ways that appear normal and natural. Our module readings push use to consider the everyday performative nature of gender (“doing gender”) from a social constructivist perspective. We also covered how WGSS scholars reject these essentialist and/or biological deterministic understandings of gender. From our readings and discussion, we have awareness that social institutions, particularly culture, health, and legal, compel or restrict particular gender performances.
Gender, sex, and sexuality norms are continuously policied and surveilled. We can consider how gender is inhibited and restricted by our cultural definitions of masculinity and femininity. Modules 4 explored the ways in which transgressions or violations of gender and sex norms reveal the social construction of these constructs. Disrupting the sex/gender/sexuality system and sex and gender binaries calls into the question the very “naturalness” of gender and sex.