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Hello all,
Access to services provided can sometimes be difficult for participants to find out about. There are internal barriers and external barriers that cause people to be unable to access the services. Two eternal barriers that can potentially prevent people from accessing services are problems in living and also problems in the modern world. One can not control problems in living or problems in the world. The text used and example of a young teen who became pregnant due to guidance lacking in the home. She had no control over those circumstances. She had a lack of support which caused her to lack access to services early on. After becoming pregnant she began to learn more about services available to her. Problems in the world sometimes causes a lack of services to people because the services become exhausted due to the demand of certain services.
To list 2 internal barriers, mental health and pride can cause barriers to people. People with mental health issues cannot always advocate for themselves. They can’t always say what they need and don’t have to access to get the services. Some people hate to admit the need for services. Some people develop shame and are embarrassed because they don’t want anyone to know that they are receiving services.
People in the human services profession can help by offering social care, social control and rehabilitation (Woodside, M LO 1-5). They can assist clients in getting the services they need, they can use services offered by combining with other workers to rehabilitate people back into the lifestyle or mental capacity they had previously.
HHS 201: An Introduction to Human Services, 9th ed. – Part 1: Defining Human Services (ashford.edu) (Links to an external site.)
ReplyCOLLAPSE SUBDISCUSSIONJonathan HawkinsJonathan HawkinsTuesdayOct 12 at 3:54pmManage Discussion EntryWhen it comes to two internal barriers that I believe prevent people from finding and using human services, there are two that can be mentioned. The first is the lack of knowledge. I think for someone who doesn’t really know what is going on and how to do something, they will just keep to themselves and try to do things on their own. For some people this can be embarrassing to ask for help. This leads me into my second internal barrier, and that is simply pride. Some people may see it as being hard headed. I personally know people that don’t like asking for help, let alone seeing a doctor. Once upon-a-time, I used to be similar to that. I used to didn’t like taking medicine, as I thought it tasted nasty. I would just find my own remedies to get better. I’ve broken out of that since then and I take all the medicine I need. When it comes to two external barriers that prevent people from finding and using human services, there are also two that can be mentioned. The first barrier is the lack of funding. Many human service programs tend to lack the proper funding to continue, so many people/clients are left without the help they need. The second barrier is reputation. Many times, for whatever reasons, people can give something a bad name or rep. This is a “monkey-see-monkey-do” world we live in, and all it takes is for a few people to get talking and it can cause many problems for that business. One more added barrier is communication. To me, this can be internal and external, depending on how you look at it. “The presence of languages other than English in US society has always been controversial, stemming from concerns that a large presence of bilingual and non-English speakers threatens to divide the country’s population along linguistic and cultural lines.” (Garcia, 2019). People who speak a different language may feel embarrassed that they will not sound right or say that wrong thing. I’ve personally seen this happen to someone. The simple answer to why I think these barriers exist is because there are a lot of people who need help, and there are not many workers available to provide that help. I saw so many people quit the healthcare field during this pandemic, and it’s only going to get worse.Roles of a human service professional related to helping someone should always be positive. According to (Woodside, 2017), a human service worker should aim to help their clients with care, control, and eventually, rehab. This means that they must approach each situation well prepared and with the understanding of human development, being well-organized, and following proper procedure at all times. García, J., PhD. (2019). Language barriers. Salem Press Encyclopedia. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.proxy-library.ashford… (Links to an external site.)Woodside, M.,