web programming

Week 2: Select a theme for your website. Create a static website consisting of two or more pages using HTML tags and graphics. Publish the website.
Week 3: Add CSS to your website.
Weeks 4, 5, and 6: Add dynamic content to your website. Learn how to program in JavaScript and use it to make your website interactive, dynamic, and more exciting. Bring together everything you have learned into a cohesive website and submit it as your final project.
Section 2
This Assignment will help you analyze file-naming conventions and file structures for personal computers (PCs) and web server technology. Specifically, you will focus on the following points:
Case sensitivity
Important: Before you begin this assignment (as stated in the syllabus and in the Web Hosting section above), you will need a web hosting service in order to publish your content to a live website. You will submit the URL to this website in your Week 1 homework deliverable. We recommend you use AWS Educate S3 web hosting service, but you are free to select another web hosting service (e.g., 000webhost.com). Be sure to select one that allows you to create and edit your own HTML code and supports HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Also ensure that it does not insert advertisements into your code. Your selection of a web hosting service, if other than AWS Educate S3 web hosting service, must be approved by your Instructor.
Please note that web hosting services such as Google Sites and WordPress are not acceptable for this course, as they do not support CSS or JavaScript.
In order to start using AWS S3 web hosting for publishing your webpages you need to open your AWS Educate account. You will receive the invitation to do that via your university email. Follow the instructions in Uploading websites to AWS S3 service.pdf file below:

Uploading Websites to AWS S3 Service (PDF)
Another option for web hosting and easy website publishing could be the Surge package, available at

This tool allows you to upload the local web site from your computer to the Surge web hosting server in an easy and efficient way. but requires additional installation of Node.js and Surge packages. See the installation instructions in the document below

Installation and Use of Surge Web Hosting and Publishing (PDF)