VM Exercise

Task A: Using the Linux Ubuntu VM
Note: Your screenshots must be clear enough to understand what is on the image.
Each command and results of that command should be given. You will lose points if screenshots are not clear and go with the right question. D0 NOT USE the “root” account when performing the following tasks, you will lose points.

Open a Terminal Console and perform the following. [15mks.]
Note: all screenshot should be shown from the Terminal Console window NOT from the GUI window. You will lose point otherwise.
1.Create one new directory and 2 files inside that directory. Give each file an Identifiable name.
i.[Paste screenshot showing files and directory created here …]
ii.Write out the full command used to create the file?
iii.Add some text to one of the files and display it to the screen
i.<<Paste screenshot here
2. System CPU