Utilizing green BIM technology to improve the sustainability of heritage conservation.

Paper subject: Built Environment Building Information Modelling (and relevant)

Order requirements: (only need two parts of the whole dissertation for now)
Introduction – 1000 words;
Literature review – 2000 words

Dissertation topic:
Utilizing green BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology to improve the sustainability of heritage conservation.
(ps: needs to be written based on the British built environment policies and to use the British heritages as examples)

Topic designed questions:
1. How to effectively achieve and measure the sustainability of heritage conservation?
2. How can the construction aspect of heritage conservation be improved with the adoption of BIM?
3. How can adopting green BIM in heritage conservation improve its sustainability to be more economical and management-friendly?

Reference style: Harvard Style, needs 35+

***I am more than happy to leave the rest of the chapters to you by the next deadline if this order comes out in good quality. Hope for pleasant cooperation!!

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