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US History 1860-1940                                                                                                            Spring, 2021

Term Paper Assignment

Due Date

The paper is due to me by Friday, April 16th 5:00pm . Late Papers will lose points!!!


Designing a Museum Exhibit Project:


Directions: All students will be randomly assigned one time period/issue (covered in this class) to focus their research. 

Once you receive your time period/event you will write a proposal letter to a museum director recommending a new exhibit and describing the design of the museum exhibit.  Follow this guideline when writing the letter:

  • Introduction

In a paragraph or two, briefly describe the time period/event your museum exhibit will display. Explain to the museum director why this exhibit will benefit the museum and educate the public. Why is this an important time period/event that Americans should know about? (Also mention the name of the museum here.)


  1. The Exhibit:

Consider what you will include in the museum exhibit to describe the time period/event. There can be many different types of items to display in a museum exhibit. 

Write one paragraph for seven different exhibit items to display in the museum.  The exhibit items need to be all different…should represent different aspects of life.


Sample exhibit ideas:

Artwork, Sample Music/Songs, Artifacts, Film, Writings like poems, Tools, Photographs, Documents, Fashion items, Decorations, Toys, etc…etc….


For each exhibit item answer the following questions:

  1. What is the exhibit item? Describe it in detail including dates.
  2. How will the item be displayed/presented in the museum exhibit?
  3. Why does this item relate to the time period/event?
  4. How will this item help people understand the time period/event?


  1. Summary

After you described the seven items you want to display, write a summary paragraph urging the museum director to allow you to build the exhibit. Reiterate why you think this exhibit will benefit the museum and the American public.


Length and other requirements

The paper must be between 5-7 pages in length. It must be typed, double spaced. It must include a Bibliography in MLA format listing all the research sources.



Grade Rubric: The essay will be graded following this guideline


Introduction: (10 POINTS)

Do you have an introduction paragraph? Did you mention the museum where you want your exhibit to be displayed? Did you explain why you think this exhibit will benefit the public and the museum?

Exhibit: (70 POINTS)

Each exhibit item can earn up to 10 points maximum.

Does the item historically relate to the time period/event? Did you describe the item? Did you relate the item to the time period/event? Did you thoroughly explain how the item will help people understand the time period/event?

Summary: (10 POINTS)

Is there a summary paragraph? Did you reiterate why this exhibit proposal will benefit the museum or the public?

Overall Quality/Bibliography: (10 POINTS)

Is the paper well-written and clear? Does it follow the directions? Is there a Bibliography in MLA format listing sources you used to find items for the exhibit?

Note: I expect students to use sources to research the event and the items you write about for the museum. There should be unique historical detail in the paper…..details we did not cover during the class.


At least 1 source needs to be an eBook from the college library. SUNY Sullivan’s library has thousands and thousands of eBooks available to students.

See the video I posted in Brightspace on how to find eBooks on the college website.


Email Meeting with me

All students must email me at

with the answers to the following questions before the due date.

Students that do not send me this email by the due date will lose 5 points from the Term Paper grade.

In other words, if you receive a 90 on the Term Paper, but you failed to email me all these answers, your grade will be dropped to an 85.


  1. Student’s Term Paper assigned time period/event
  2. List at least the eBook you are using for information on your event/time period:
  3. Describe the three historical items you are going to include display in your exhibit:


  1. First item:

How will this item be displayed?

  1. Second item:

How will this item be displayed?_

  1. Third item:

How will this item be displayed?


  1. Are you having any problems with the project?




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