United States of Americas’s opinion on the Nuremburg Trials

20 pages with 20 sources. Outline below.


I. Introduction

A. The United States of America had massive opinions on the Nuremburg Trials and its horrors of war crimes.

II. Background information

A. World War II and its origins

• What started it and where did it start?

B. The Nazi Party

• How it came together and its headquarters
• Their agenda and use of propaganda

C. Adolf Hitler and Administration

• Who he was and where he came from
• The campaign and spread of hate for Jewish people along with other races

III. Worldwide hate and Genocide

D. How were the people of the Holocaust captured?
• “The Night of the Broken Glass”
• Jewish insights of those nights and travel to the camp

E. Jewish hate and profiles
• Anne Frank and the Frank Family
• Other personal journals and other sources

F. The World finds out
• News breaks during war
• United States in outrage about genocide of allies

IV. The War is over, but the battles continue

G. Ending of World War II
• Allies win the war, now make push for trials of war crimes by Nazi doctors

H. Arrests Made
• Nazi doctors were arrested for suspicion of war crimes
• The Nuremburg Trials begin in Germany

V. The Nuremburg Trials

I. The Beginning of the Trials
• The first doctors stand trial for experimentation of Holocaust victims
• United States officials begin to start their investigations

J. United States at Nuremburg
• United States officials call for more than a handful of doctors to stand trial on their behalf
• United States civilians state opinions in bad taste on trials

VI. The End of the Nuremburg Trials

K. Arrests are made
• Arrests are made on behalf of the United States of America and the new German government

L. Final Thoughts and Historical findings
• Wrap up the Trials and where the world stands today on the trials from the United States of Americas perspective

VII. Conclusion
M. Final ideas on the trials
N. Final sources and finish with a quote from American government