Thomas Jefferson’s Philosophy of Education

The purpose of the Philosopher Analysis Assignment is to evaluate beliefs and actions that have influenced educational developments throughout history. From historical examples presented in the current course, candidates will propose one of them as a model of educational philosophy and practice. The selected model will be compared to opposing views and analyzed through a personal philosophy of education. The analysis will address issues of metaphysics, epistemology, and practical implementation and will offer a critique from a Biblical worldview perspective. As candidates research and conduct the analysis, they demonstrate knowledge of educational ideas of the past, consider the relevance of the philosopher, analyze the philosopher in light of their own educational beliefs, and critically analyze the philosopher’s beliefs and actions.
*I am including a sample from a previous student as a guide.
*Please follow the instructions provided and cover all topics.
*Paper should include the following headers: Abstract, keywords, introduction, background and cultural context, philosophy of education, theory to practice, perspectives on diversity, critical analysis, and implications and conclusions

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