This exercise asks you to write a single, brief paragraph.

This exercise asks you to write a single, brief paragraph. It should not take the form of a larger document, such as a letter, an email, a report, or a plan. Submit 1 paragraph with no more than 250 words.
1. Read the article
2. Consider the following crisis. It is April 20, 2010. You are the Communication Director for the company BP. You have just learned that an explosion occurred on an oil rig called the Deepwater Horizon, killing an unspecified number of people and causing crude oil to start spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.
3. Assume you are writing to the Chief Executive Officer for the company BP.
4. Present one specific recommendation for how your company should communicate about the event to a stakeholder, ensuring your recommendation incorporates the advice in the article. (You do not have to conduct research to complete this assignment.) In addition, describe the specific arguments that you would use to convince the Chief Executive Officer that your recommendation would be effective in reaching the stakeholder.
Note that your paragraph will represent one idea that could be part of a larger document with additional ideas. This exercise is not asking you to write the entire document; instead, it is looking for a sample of what could be part of the larger document.
5. Limit your writing to 1 paragraph that is double-spaced and contains no more than 250 words. Start the paragraph by presenting your recommendation. Then use the rest of your paragraph to describe your arguments that justify your recommendation.