the role of social networks on the opportunity recognition processes of women

review paper

The essence of a good review paper is one that extends the current thinking of a topic or provides a new prospective on the topic. In addition to summarizing the current literature on the topic, you will need to integrate conflicting areas of research findings and/or provide a new twist (e.g., by applying the topic to a new field/discipline or integrating several topics together) on the relationships among the constructs within the topic. The literature review for this kind of paper will be more extensive than a research proposal designed for an empirical study. Gaps are identified and a new model for possible relationships among constructs within the topic needs to be mapped out and propositions for the model needs to be explained. Finally, a clear direction for future research needs to be provided.

The format of a review paper typically includes the following sections:

 Introduction (discuss why your paper is important).

 Literature Review (discuss past research findings and highlight areas where you note conflicting evidence or gaps in research).

 Research Model (diagram a new model that better explains your perspective on entrepreneurship theory, integrate & extend existing theories into the new model, define your constructs, develop propositions to link constructs together).

 Directions for future research (suggest how your conceptual idea can be empirically tested and suggest the practical & theoretical implications of your research model).

research question
2- How do the opportunity recognition processes of women differ from man?
3- What is the role of social networks on the opportunity recognition processes of women?

please try to use the attached references to 10 additional current references but it must be from A,B,C journal

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