The River

Read the following short story by Flannery O?Connor ?The River? (having to do with baptism). I will provide the stories in a PDF version on Pages in Canvas. Write a 1000-word (double-spaced) essay analyzing the story theologically. Specifically, you should identify what O?Connor is focusing on with regard to the Christian faith. Use material in our course textbooks and class lectures to discuss the theological topic(s) O?Connor seems to deal with in the story. Include succinct and poignant quotes from the story (but do not simply summarize the story; I have read the stories and I know how they go) and from appropriate textbook material to support your essay. You may also consult secondary sources after you have read and thought about the story, but do not plagiarize and be sure to cite any quotes or ideas you use from those secondary sources. (Our textbooks can be cited by parenthetical citations of author and page number.) As you read ?The River? try to discern what O?Connor, a devout Roman Catholic, is trying to say to her readers about the significance of baptism. The best papers will refer specifically to our main textbook to discuss and support the essay.

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