The Presidency

Here is the argumentation question:

In a 1973 book, historian Arthur Schlesinger analyzed whether the president of the United States has become overly powerful and was no longer subject to constitutional checks and balances. Schlesinger made his argument following the Watergate scandal stating, “The expansion and abuse of presidential power constitute the underlying issue, the issue that Watergate has raised to the surface, dramatized, and made politically accessible.” Take a position on whether or not Schlesinger’s argument that the presidency has become too powerful is true today. In your essay,

– articulate a claim or thesis that addresses the issue raised by Schlesinger, and use a line of reasoning to defend it.

– use at least two pieces of relevant and accurate evidence to support your claim or thesis.

– at least one piece of evidence must be from one of the foundational documents listed below:

– Constitution of the United States

– Federalist No. 51

– Federalist No. 70

– Brutus No. 1

– use a second piece of evidence from another foundational document listed above or from your study of the American presidency.

– use reasoning to explain why the evidence you provided supports your claim or thesis.

– use refutation, concession, or rebuttal to respoioznd to an opposing or alternate perspective.

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