The influence Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics on business decisions

Title: The influence Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics on business decisions


You will select your own individual case study of an Industry or Company. If you choose a single company case study ALSO be sure to include BENCHMARKING from other businesses in a similar context. (Please do not choose any popular company, such as: Walmart, Amazon, Apple etc, this type of company won’t get high marks, thanks)


The Essay must include

  1. Topic Justification Explanation 300 words
  2. Literature overview 200 words
  • Analytical Framework(s) 300 words


Here are the details for each part:

1 Topic Justification / Explanation- 300 words

Why have you chosen this topic?

How does this topic relate to is it RELATED TO THE Seminar theme and business decision making?

What is the academic relevance of you topic?

Why have you chosen this topic within the theme you have selected to present?

What is the relevance of your topic?


2 Literature Overview 200 words

Research: You must include in your submission a 200 word review of the sources for you presentation

What sources have you used? Why are they relevant?  – main sources used

Research Methodology

How do your sources link to create a Balanced perspective / Critique of your topic

Types of source: Journalistic / News, Academic Book / online journal. This should not be a simple references list


3 Analytical Framework(s) 300-500 words

NB Include a variety of Academic Theories or Models

Having briefly described your sources, HERE you will explain the Different Arguments you have considered to clearly demonstrate that you have considered different standpoints / perspectives. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE SPECIFIC RELEVANT ACADEMIC MODELS / THEORIES (The theories can be Corporate Social Performance, Stakeholder Theory, Agency Theory, Legitimacy Theory, etc)

Have you drawn conclusions by Triangulation of perspectives – Academic, Journalistic, Business, Sustainability

Balanced Points: Alternative perspectives: Academic theory supporting different perspectives: Data evidence

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