The evolution of fast food in China

Here is some key points about this paper. This paper is mainly focus on the pedagogy of food. The two main fast food brand I’m using is KFC and McDonald’s. Thank you.

1. For this paper, you can put the topic into the larger context of neoliberalism, the commodification of food and the inevitable rise of fast food as a way for corporations to make money by replacing real ingredients with cheaper substitutes that are full of salt, sugar and fat, and chemicals.

2. What kind of pedagogy was used to teach the Chinese about American fast food (KFC & McDonald’s)? Advertisements? Labels? Informal learning through social media or word of mouth? Social learning by being invited to a birthday party at McDonalds? Experiential learning by wanting to try something new? What is the role of culture as a form of pedagogy? Did the lure of Western culture act like a pedagogical tool to susceptible Chinese?

3. How Chinese people learn about fast food?How they unlearn it, since it’s something new? Compare to traditional Chinese cuisine, what’s the difference? Can related to climate change/global warming.

4.What kinda of pedagogy can help people to learn to be part of more food system that was occur in traditional cuisine / food way.

5.What can sustainable food system teach people

6.How could people relearn to appreciate food/Don’t waste food

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