the effects of poverty on education

Here is a synopsis of how your paper should be structured:

  1. Abstract:

In one paragraph, what is your paper about? (no articles/citations)

  1. Introduction:

What is your topic, and why is it important? Who is affected by this issue? (Use one or two citations as examples)

  1. Literature Review, revised. See comments in your M5.5 and correct or revise. Do not include the reference list for your literature review, that will come at the end of your paper. Do include the introduction and all else.
  2. Diversity and Ethics

How are people in your topic affected differently? What are the differences that cause one group’s experience to be different than another’s?  Language, customs, location, race, gender, wealth or poverty? How does bias affect the issue? (Use at least two citations)

  1. Ethical Implications

What happened? Who was responsible or should have been responsible or should be responsible? What changes could help improve the situation? (Remember – you don’t have a magic wand) What makes your solution an ethical one? (Use at least two citations)

  1. Proposed Solution

In the articles you have researched, what are some of their solutions? (Use at least three articles as sources.)

  1. Conclusions – no citation needed for the conclusion
  2. Reference list – at least nine sources, in APA style. Try to use all of your sources in your paper.

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