The benefits of staying home with ones child until the age of 2

Specifications for the Research Paper



Create an original work that coherently blends together your ideas and those of your sources, and to state your position clearly and cogently on a particular issue.




You will submit your project twice.  Your instructor will provide you feedback and suggestions on your first submission. You will incorporate these suggestions into your second submission, revising to strengthen your paper.


Your final grade for this project will be an average of the first and second submission.


Academic Integrity:

The greatest responsibility of the researcher is accountability.   Always specify through citation the sources you have consulted.  Most researchers note each reference as they read and take notes.  In this way, they keep track of the precise origin of the information they might use in the essay.


General Guidelines:


  • Consider your audience and the general purpose of the essay during the prewriting stage.
  • Formulate a tentative thesis that signals the argumentative nature of your essay and your stance on the topic.
  • Draft a tentative outline, following the models in A Pocket Style Manual or any of the texts required for this class.
  • Sign up for appointments (as many as you need) in the Writing Center.
  • Use a minimum of five sources for researching your argument. Include 2 peer-reviewed sources and at least one book.  (Encyclopedias and dictionaries are excellent starting points, but they do not constitute acceptable sources for this paper.)
  • Use MLA style citation and documentation for this paper.
  • Approximate length: Seven to eight pages of double-spaced typewritten pages.
  • Consult the Canvas sources on plagiarism.
  • Revise and edit your paper carefully before the first submission.



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