Tech Communication 2500 project on Historical Comparisons of Memos. Pretty loose in how you can respond.

They have graded off a rubric. The only issue I encountered on my first project was my design in which was lacking. The specific project will focus on the historical comparison of memos by finding a fifty-year-old example up a memo and comparing it to a contemporary version. In order to achieve this, you will need to select examples of memos that allow for an interesting comparison. It will be important to focus on whatever the preferred stance that the writer takes. Within this project, you can produce whatever type of document allows you to meet the goals of this assignment. It’s also important to focus on the “business communication of memos” to some extent. As you will see from the course description
Course Description
This course introduces students to workplace document genres to develop visual and verbal skills in critical
analysis and document development. The focus of this course is on the concept of “business communication”
itself, explored through a range of practical and theoretical work. Students will produce projects that
combine their own specific goals with types of writing and issues of concern associated with business fields.