Pro forma (excel) commercial real estate homework

Part One Directions
Complete pro forma for NOI
Commercial Complex 4 tenants Property will be held for 5 years
Lease Type
Current Lease Rate
Rent Growth
$4.50/ sq ft
Plus 4.55% revenue
Tenant revenue is expected to grow at 2.5% per year
Year 1 Revenues are $310,000
Limited to $2.75 per sq foot
Pro rata on sq feet
$21.00/ sq ft
$22.50/ sq ft
Limited to $5.25 per sq foot
Pro rata on sq feet
OP EX Category
Growth Rate
$3.25 per sq ft
2.85% per year
$11,627 per year
2.75% per year
$2.75 per sq ft
2.0% per year
$3.15 per sq ft
3.15% per year
Years 1-3
Years 4-7
Years 8-10
Part Two Questions:
Calculate The Max Debt for this property.
Calculate the amount of equity needed for this property.
Calculation the Net Sale Proceeds to Owner.
Going In Cap Rate
Terminal Cap Rate
Loan Interest Rate
Max loan to value for debt
Required Debt Service Coverage
Discount Rate
Loan Amortization Period
20 years
Loan Term
7 years
Loan Fees
Cost of Sale
Make sure to show your work in the uploaded Excel file (be sure to show cash flows through BTCF).

Project #2: Professional Profile

please read this carefully I will attached all the document you have to look for (a prompt and sample profile) . as well will send you a copy of the answers of the interview with my professor that I had asked him questions. so he is social work major and this profile will be about his field and raise on question I had asked him. feel free to ask me any question that you have.
this is the prompt.
For this project,
you will need to contact and interview by phone/Zoom/in person (up to you which one you choose) someone who is currently working in your professional or academic field. Ideally, this individual holds a job that you would like to have when you graduate.Your interview will be written as a profile article for a department newsletter distributed to other students in your discipline (this is your audience). The purpose of the article is to describe the working life of someone in your field for other students in your discipline. As part of this description, your article should give details about the role of writing in your interviewee’s work. Your feature article will need to include the following:1. The entire article works to create a dominant impression of the interviewee, his/her workplace, and the writing required. This could include a brief genre analysis of one of the genres this interviewee uses. 2. An appropriate introduction that identifies the person you interviewed, conveys a sense of the interviewee and his or her work, and states the purpose of the article. Read pages 85-97 for information on writing a profile article. 3. A description of the nature of the work the interviewee does. This could include a description, for example, of a typical day (or typical duties, responsibilities), the most stressful part of the job (or the most rewarding, most difficult, most boring, etc.).4. A description of the role of written language in your interviewee’s work. What kind of writing does your interviewee have to do in order to be successful on the job? How much writing is involved and what kind is most frequent or most important? 5. Advice from your interviewee for students planning to enter the field. 6. A prediction concerning the future professional lives of students in your field (i.e., those who will read the article). Include a discussion of the role writing will play in your professional/academic future. To do this, reflect on the information you learned in the interview and supply relevant examples. 7. Support for your statements from quoting or paraphrasing the comments of your interviewee.8. All of the above elements will be developed into a cohesive article, rather than a list of answers to questions.

Your Personal Plan Espiritual ( Latin American Studies)

Please read El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán
is one of the most important documents in the history of the Chicanx Culture. It created a map for the Chicanx movement to move forward in their effort of liberation.
EL PLAN… was written in a particular historical moment, the 1960’s a decade famous for political turmoil around the world. Poet Alurista was one of the main developers of the plan.
Think of yourself in the current political context and try to envision a plan spiritual for an underrepresented group that you might or might not be part of. I suggest one that you are part of, this way you will invest more into your project since this might directly affect you.
Please rewrite the EL PLAN ESPIRITUAL DE AZTLÁN as you please to fit your community’s struggle. you can rename it if you want, you can actually do anything you want to it, get creative. Make it your plan.
(this Assignment is graded according to the rubric)
Turn it in as a word document or as a text on this assignment.
El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan
Organizational Goals

El Plan ………………………… is the plan of …..

few spanish questions

En España Fill in the blanks with the present tense of the Spanish verb (-AR verbs).
Julia Julia is leaving a note for her roommate, Inés. Fill in the blanks with the right possessive adjectives. Pay attention to the meaning of the whole sentence.
La familia Pérez Fill in each blank with the present tense of the Spanish verb (-ER/ -IR verbs).
Lectura Read Adrián’s web page. Then indicate if statements 1 to 5 are cierto o falso (15 pts.)
Tu familia Write a paragraph with at least five sentences where you describe at least one member of your family.

Reading an article then responding to it.

Read this article
(Strong Women Teachers: Their Struggles and Strategies for Gender Equity)
then respond to it! I think the most interest thread in this article is: “the historic devaluation of females in the teacher profession”. Do something with that. Take 2-3 of the topics (sexism, wages, suffrage, women’s gains, women’s rights, alliance groups, feminism…) and run it through that ‘devaluation of females’ lens. Pick ones that interest you. No set way to do this – shape it how you want and make your case in your discussion.
Thank you!

Reading an article then responding to it.

Read this article
(Strong Women Teachers: Their Struggles and Strategies for Gender Equity)
then respond to it! I think the most interest thread in this article is: “the historic devaluation of females in the teacher profession”. Do something with that. Take 2-3 of the topics (sexism, wages, suffrage, women’s gains, women’s rights, alliance groups, feminism…) and run it through that ‘devaluation of females’ lens. Pick ones that interest you. No set way to do this – shape it how you want and make your case in your discussion.
Thank you!

Border/Poetry(READ / DISCUSS)

posting a one-paragraph response to that Discussion’s readings and posing one discussion question that we may use for interaction or for lecture-discussion. Please also reply to at least two of your peer’s responses.
The responses are not academic essays but rather opportunities for you to meaningfully engage with the themes of the readings. Simply summarizing the readings will only achieve you 10 points, your interpretation or analysis would add 10 more points, the discussion question 5 points, and the interaction with your peers 5 more points for a total of 30 points per posting. Consider what concept, idea, or takeaway did you find most meaningful?
As the quarter progress, your goal is to further develop your analytic skills. Eventually, your postings should engage the readings’ content and draw connections between readings. Important: 1) Plagiarized/copied responses will earn 0 points, 2) posts should be at least 125 words, and 3) good luck.
Please reply to these two students.
A: After reading this reading the authors that were involved in these Taco Shop journeys were able to relate to the audience by saying words like “if you’re a student with an uncertain future, books under your arm and a notebook full of unnecessary notes step right up.” These authors made readers step into the shoes of the people of Mexico and how they feel on a daily basis. It is the feeling of hopelessness and belittled. It is the feeling that you don’t know what your future holds, but you have to continue anyways. In another poem by Pat Payne, he wrote, “ I chase freedom, I seek freedom” all throughout his piece as a way of saying to never give up. These poems were made to feel how much agony the people of Tijuana felt going through the border. How Mexicans day by day are still chasing the life that they see their next door neighbors living, but could never get there because of where they came from.
What stood out to me most was this quote from La Linea, “Will we ever ever really ever cross the line or will we just sit encumbered by the borders of our own minds?” The feeling of freedom will never be met because the border is still heavily rooted in the memory of every Mexican. Those who were able to make a life for themselves after crossing the border will never be able to let go of this chase for freedom because they don’t know how it is supposed to feel like. My question to the Tacoshop poets is, why did Mary Kay describe Tijuana as a Cardboard City? I wonder if it is because the city is heavy duty and meant to carry the pain or because it is fragile.
B: This reading made me think about how different every city is depending on the demographic and socio economic status of the population living in the city is. Tijuana for example is associated with crime, drugs, and poverty therefore they lack a lot of resources or if there is resources it is unaccessible for the people due to the lack of money or lack of transportation. Then as mentioned in one of the poems you have La Jolla which is a very nice city where all the houses you see are million dollar houses that are owned by millionaires. I liked the first poem Gas Stations and Cemeteries where it says “they want everything in a hurry and we want everything eternal” because the U.S doesn’t see what their actions will cause long term all they care about is making money in the moment regardless of who they exploit or what they destroy. All minorities ask for is stability because countries like the U.S and Europe have completely destabilized countries like Mexico and the people continue to suffer the consequences of capitalism while the rich continue to get richer.

NSG/486CA: Public Health: Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Assignment Title: Signature Assignment: Global Threats
Imagine you are a nurse working with Doctors Without Borders to address an emerging global health issue in a specific region of the world. You are preparing to travel to the region to improve an issue or illness.
Create a 7-10 slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, analyzing emerging global health issues related to the country or region of the world of your choice. In your presentation:
Analyze the cause of the issue or illness. Consider:
Individual issues (e.g., personal cleanliness)
Community issues (e.g., resources, demographics)
Family roles and structures (e.g., single-family households)
Culture (e.g., values, beliefs)
Environmental issues (e.g., access to technology and health care, geographic concerns)
Examine the factors that continue to exacerbate the issue or illness. Consider:
Create an action plan to improve the issue or illness. Consider:
Relief workers
Cite at least five peer-reviewed references in your presentation, and include a separate APA 7 formatted reference page.

Characteristics of Exceptional Children Weekly Discussion Posts

Question 1: Think about what you learned from viewing the selected grade level videos you chose from “Through Your Child’s Eyes.” Identify the grade level you focused on and summarize the challenges the students faced. Consider the “Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE)” and describe what viewing the videos taught you about how dyslexia affects students academically and away from the educational environment and the ethical responsibilities associated with ensuring that the needs of these students are met. In replies to peers, discuss commonalities you see in the realizations you had about the effects of dyslexia and ethical responsibilities that could be associated with this disability and share additional examples of the ethical responsibilities and effects of this disability on students in and away from school.
Question 2: Discuss the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities and describe how you can adopt the tenets of the Christian worldview perspective to encourage a classroom culture that respects and values the individual differences displayed by all students, regardless of disability.