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Evaluating qualitative and quantitative designs rigour and quality should appraise the credibility of the data presented by the study with supporting evidence as to the outcome of what was studied. Transferability of the survey finding to different situation and dependability of the research design is being applied to differential circumstances (Harley

Project 4 public health preparedness

Pay specific attention to the Public Health Preparedness Capabilities Planning Model. Your report should identify and plan for a state of your choosing with an emphasis on the three defined phases:
Assess current state: Assess organizational roles and responsibilities, resource elements, and performance.
Determine goals: Review jurisdictional inputs, prioritize capabilities and functions, and develop short- and long-term goals.
Develop plans: Plan organizational initiatives, capability building/sustain activities, and capability evaluations/demonstrations.
Explore each of the three phases and associated steps.
To support your work, use your course and textbook readings and also use the South University Online Library. As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.
Your assignment should be addressed in an 8- to 10-page document.

HCAD 600 Creating Resilience

Additionally, when doing a campus-wide drill, medical school, children’s and general hospital, medical towers, and even the surrounding community complete with emergency personnel, it is chaotic, but each time lessons are learned. Nearly a decade ago, a Navy jet fighter crashed into an apartment complex, and the calls went out for the disaster preparedness teams to ramp up. We set up triage tents, called in many from home to get to the local hospitals for the surge patients to be brought in for care. Then we waited, we gathered more supplies, called in additional teams, and waited. The two pilots suffered severe injuries, but there were no casualties and few other injuries to be accounted for from that day. However, it was one of the best opportunities to see our plans in place and how well the plan worked. Still, lessons learned and changes made.

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Additional question I would include: Have you been taking any over the counter medication for your symptoms. It would also be important to know his daily medication list. His medical, social, surgical and familial history would provide more insight to his current illness. One of the questions I would be most curious about is if he is or was a smoker. Knowing this would inform me if he had any possible issues with lung compliance chronically.
Would you treat Mr. JDs cold? Why or why not?
Because of the duration of his symptoms, I would treat the patient. Cold symptoms usually resolve within a week. He reported having a headache, and green mucous when we’re both demonstrated on physical exam with the frontal tenderness and green post nasal drip. People with sinus infection can feel slime in the back of the throat, facial pain, pain when bending forward, and pain in the upper teeth or when chewing (Lemiengre et al., 2018). He likely had a common cold which was complicated by a sinus infection.
What would you prescribe and for how many days? Include the class of the medication, mechanism of action, route, the half-life; how it is metabolized in and eliminated from the body; and contraindications and black box warnings.
I would ask the patient again about any therapies he has tried at home, whether it’s medication of non medicinal supportive therapy like warm compresses or nasal lavage. If the patient has tried these with no success, I would prescribe Amoxicillin 500 mg PO q8 hours for a length of 10 days and Fluticasone 2 sprays per nostril daily for 10 days. Although the use of antibiotics for sinusitis has been controversial, it would be indicated for this patient because he has had his symptoms for so long. Antibiotics may be indicated for bacterial rhinosinusitis to speed up recovery or to prevent suppurative complications (Lemiengre, Van Driel, Merenstein, Liira, Mäkelä,

The Fate of US Health Care

have been appointed by the President to recommend the best way to get there.
Since you have studied an NHS (England), two NHIs (France and Canada) and the
current US health care system, you must choose the best system to adopt for the
United States from these 4 choices. (Realize that if you choose the current US
system you will have to adapt it in some fashion to achieve universal

Comparative Analysis in Afterlife

This option’s paper must respond to the following questions:
What are the basic tenets of the religions you have chosen to compare?
How do these differ on this subject?
How are they similar on this subject?
As a Christian/ Catholic do you agree with the conclusions of these religions? Why or Why not?
Conclude with personal learning acquired from the project.
Note: For this option, your paper should have at least four reputable sources. All sources should be acknowledged, both within the paper and on a Works Cited page at the end. You may use any citation system as long as it is used accurately and consistently.
Submission Instructions:
The paper is to be clear and concise.
The paper is to be 4-6 pages in length/1000-1500 words, current APA style, excluding the title and references page.

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Greetings After a successful Weeks. Today I announce that I have Joined Tasnee as a Production Engineer. I will begin my professional journey in Tasnee as SEED (Saudi Early Engineer Development) and Then I will be working in PP Plant..I would like to thank all of my professors in Trine university, with their help and hard work, I have gained and learned a lot of skills in Engineering Management and Chemical Engineering. Inshallah I will use this knowledge and soft skills in my position in Tasnee.This is a new chapter of my life, and I am ready for it.

common diagnosis resulting in a neurological deficit in the older adult

e. Parkinson’s disease, transient ischemic attacks (TIA), or cerebrovascular accidents (CVA)) and identify
the risk factors
symptom presentation
and nursing care
for patients with these deficits.
Also, as part of you paper, search the Internet and locate Web sites that provide information about maintaining independence and limiting further injury in older adults with neurological deficits and identify these sites in your paper.
I expect a 2 to 3 page paper in APA format please.

Job Description, Analysis, and Design and Mutual Respect and Trust

The board of directors of the organization asks you to prepare a presentation on the required profiles for the following roles:
Administrator (i.e., chief executive officer, vice president of nursing or finance, etc.)
Registered nurse
Nurse’s aide
Laboratory technician
Dietary aide
Maintenance professional
For each role, provide the following information:
Educational qualifications required for the role
Scope of practice for the role
Credentialing and licensure requirements for the role
A description of the importance of the role in a healthcare organization
Explain the legal aspects of the HRM role.
For the workforce as a whole, address the following:
How would you build and maintain a climate of mutual respect and trust among employees?
What is the importance of diversity in the workforce?
Submission Details:
Your assignment should be addressed in an 16 PowerPoint presentation.