Effects of Trauma on the Development of the Child

Add six pages edit the attached and add the 6 pages to it.
Choose a lifespan development topic of interest (the one chosen is as shown) and write 10 pages APA formatted paper. The paper must include at least three or more empirical research articles from reputable journals. Make sure you use the latest sources not more than 6 years old.
The following list of internet databases provides free unlimited access to the resources. It will help you quickly find a particular article, book or any other material to make your research efficient and precise:http://b-ok.org/http://libgen.me/https://archive.org/

Historical Trends and Models

However, models tend to be more general and theories refer to a specific approach. For example, cognitive therapy is a model of psychotherapy, and Beck’s approach is a specific theory within the cognitive model. Vocational theory also has general models as well as specific theories within each of the models.
For this assignment, write a brief paper that describes and compares two career development theories and identifies where they fit into the evolution of the career counseling field. Choose two of the following career development theories:
Krumboltz learning theory.
Happenstance theory.
Anne Roe’s relational theory.
Cognitive information processing theory.
Career construction/contextual theory.
Use your own research and any applicable course readings to write an analysis of your two chosen theories. Address the following elements in your paper:
Identify and describe the two models.
Compare the principles of the models.
Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each model.
Provide a brief historical timeline summary of the development of the career counseling field, including historical trends, as well as where the two models fit in.
Analyze the relevance of the models to the present day career counseling environment.
Include a proper introduction and conclusion, cover page, and references.
Assignment Requirements
Number of pages: Your paper should be 2–3 double-spaced pages, not including your cover page and references.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Formatting: Be sure to use proper APA style when citing and referencing your sources.
Written communication: Written communication must reflect graduate-level writing skills and successfully convey the message.
Review the Historical Trends and Models Scoring Guide to ensure that you have addressed the grading expectations for this paper.
Research Tip
As you research each theory in this course, be sure to record each source’s reference information. Keep a separate list of references that you can use to develop your final paper for the project. This practice will save substantial time in gathering research throughout your project. RefWorks is a good tool that you can use to keep track of references. If you are unfamiliar with this research management tool, you can watch the Basic RefWorks tutorial to learn how to set up your account.
Note: Your instructor may use the Writing Feedback Tool to provide additional feedback on your writing.


Primary Audience: Because this is a personal vision statement for your future career, you are your primary audience. Envision yourself in a time where you are frustrated and want to throw in the towel. What would help you remember your purpose and inspire you to continue moving forward towards your vision?
Secondary Audience: Your vision should also be clear to other people (such as family, friends, and your instructor) so you can share it with them and receive support in achieving it.
Sources: Locate at least three relevant scholarly sources. You will reference these to support your ideas.
Writing Your Paper: Be sure to comply with the requirements stated below. Your writing in this assignment should not just be a collection of notes, lists, or questions and answers. Instead, it should be a well-organized discussion that flows logically from one idea to the next.

Complete the following in your assignment template:Role as a Multicultural Practitioner-Scholar: Draw from your previous study of the practitioner-scholar and scholar-practitioner model to answer the following: In your own words, explain McClintock’s scholar-practitioner model. What will it mean to you to be a practitioner-scholar? Explain what it will mean to you to be a multicultural practitioner-scholar and how the practitioner-scholar model can help guide you in developing the knowledge, skills, and multicultural competencies that you will need to reach your professional vision and goals.Vision: Develop an inspiring description of your future career vision as a multicultural psychology practitioner-scholar. Be sure to include the individuals you wish to impact, how you will protect the therapeutic relationship (between you and your clients) with multiculturalism, the setting in which you would like to practice psychology, and specialized areas for research and scholarship in psychology. Note: It may be useful to update your Articulating Your Purpose activity to help support these revisions.After completing a draft of the previously outlined sections of your paper, draft the remaining sections in the assignment template. Your complete assignment should include the following:Title page.
Abstract: A concise summary of every main point in the paper.
Introduction: A concise overview of the paper’s content.
Body of Paper:Role As a Multicultural Practitioner-Scholar.

Conclusion: A concise summary of important points of the paper, explaining the benefits of achieving your future career vision and becoming an effective multicultural practitioner scholar in the field of psychology.

Career and College

Some assessments are commercial products that can be purchased by the school or district, while others are available through state departments of education. Assessment results provide the school counselor with information to help students focus their career planning activities.
Select one assessment tool like the Career Aptitude Test which may be offered by your state (NC) and write a 500-750 word analysis addressing the following:
What age/grade level is the assessment appropriate for? How does the assessment evaluate the college and career readiness of that age/grade level?
What information does the assessment provide to the school counselor? What feedback does the assessment provide to students who take the assessment?
Are there any biases for multicultural audiences that you noted when reviewing this assessment?
What ethical considerations may be involved in using the chosen assessment?
How does the assessment support ethical and culturally relevant strategies to promote career readiness in a comprehensive school counseling program ?

PowerPoint-Explore the history of psychopathology, including historical approaches and more…

Ensure that you explore the conceptualization of mental illness over time and describe the evolution of mental illness treatment methods.
Analyze the influence of nature versus nurture among the current psychological paradigms by explaining whether each school of thought tends toward nature, nurture, or both. Please justify your reasoning with one original example for each.
Your presentation should be at least eight slides long, not counting the title slide and reference slide, and should follow APA formatting and guidelines. References should be properly cited in a reference list at the end of your presentation. You may utilize bullets, lists, charts, tables, paragraphs, images, etc. for your presentation. Ensure the presentation that you create is your own authentic work.
A minimum of two credible sources should be used for this assignment. One of the sources can be the textbook. Utilize the CSU Online Library to find a credible source.
Do not utilize the note section of your presentation. Do not narrate your presentation.

PSYC 2006: Introduction to Addictions

Become familiar with some graphic tools that may aid you in the preparation of your poster.
By Day 7
Submit a visually interesting poster for a high-school-age population that includes the following:
Short- and long-term physiological effects of an addictive substance
A slogan or paragraph that translates facts into a compelling message for this population
This is the link to the reading; https://www.drugabuse.gov/sites/default/files/df_h…

Respond 12 questions

Explain different styles of interrogations and the possible outcomes of each.
Explain that the Stanford prison study revealed.
Explain the preference models of justices across all cultures.
Explain the Hawthorne effect.
Explain the different styles and difficulties in evaluating employee performance.
Explain different approaches to leadership.
Describe different effects of rewards on behavior.
Describe what the research on economic decision making reveal.
Discussion questions: A. What do you find most persuasive/inspiring/problematic/encouraging about any aspect of the assigned readings on chapters 12 and 13 (be specific—concept, argument, fact, theory, explanation, etc). *Do not try to cover everything in the readings* One example for chapter 12 Law and one for chapter 13 Business.
B. Regarding the above, how do these two examples challenge or advance your thinking?
C. Describe how you would use or apply these two insights.

PSY503 Research Question

Submit a written paper summarizing your responses as outlined below, including any questions you might have for your professor.
During this meeting, you will be asked to define, in your own words, what an independent and a dependent variable are, and how you can differentiate one from the other. Next, you will identify specific independent and dependent variables of interest within your topic of interest and why you selected these specific measures (reliability and validity might come into play here, so briefly define and describe these concepts and how they apply).
After clearly identifying and describing these variables, intentionally create a research question that needs some improvement (based on the five characteristics of good research questions). To recap, these five characteristics include: a clearly defined relationship; variables of interest are described; the research can be conducted in a single study; the research question is falsifiable, and it is a worthwhile question. Once you provide a poor or weak research question, provide a stronger new and improved question, along with a brief analysis as to why this is a better research question to ask. Be sure to detail the five characteristics of a good research question in your response. Finally, conclude with a corresponding null and alternative hypothesis that directly aligns with your new and improved research question. Note that the null hypothesis should state that there is no effect, and the alternative hypothesis should state there is an effect in the direction that you expect.
Here is an example to help you to get a sense of what you want to do this week.
Research question (weak/poor): Is there is a connection between regular exercise and feeling good, as well as thinking clearly and enjoying life, and being happy?
Research question (stronger/improved): Is there is a strong positive correlation between getting regular exercise and self-reported measures of life satisfaction? (here, the relationship is more clearly defined).
Corresponding null hypothesis: There is no relationship between regular daily exercise of 30 minutes or more and self-reported measures of life satisfaction on the Life Satisfaction Ratings Scale (LSRS).
Corresponding alternative hypothesis: There is a significant positive correlation between regular daily exercise of 30 minutes or more and self-reported measures of life satisfaction on the Life Satisfaction Ratings Scale (LSRS).
Assemble these components in a Word file to prepare for your meeting. Here is a list to help you to remember to answer all parts of the questions this week. It is recommended you check off each item as you complete it for a thorough response.
Explain in your own words what an independent variable is, along with one that you want to explore more, and why it is important to do so.
Explain in your own words what a dependent variable is, along with one that you want to measure, and any concerns about reliability or validity.
Provide an intentionally weak research question using the identified independent and dependent variables.
Provide a new and improved version of this research question.
Describe the five characteristics of a good research question and how they are not all present in your original weak question but are present in your stronger new and improved version of your research question.
Provide a corresponding null and alternative hypothesis that aligns directly with your new and improved research question.
Length: 1-2 page summary of your work, along with a reference list
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources for your written response.
The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards.

Relationships Chart

Bullet points are preferred over paragraphs, 25-50 words per box should suffice. Use at least THREE academic sources, including the APA citation within chart and full references at the bottom. Your text counts as an expert source. Information must be unbiased and relatively current. Once completed, you will answer the follow-up question below.

Minimum 2 Potential Advantages
(e.g. positive impact on well-being)
Minimum 2 Potential Disadvantages
(e.g. negative impact on well-being)
Minimum 2 techniques/resources to facilitate relationship success and improve well-being
(e.g. social support, friendships, communication, behavioral techniques)
Cohabitation (unmarried)
Remaining Single
Single Parent
Child moving out for College
Caring for an ill parent
Chose one from list below
Chose one from list below
Choose two more relationships from the list below (or devise your own). Replace your choices with the red text and complete each box.
Divorced with children
Divorce with no children
Remarriage with children (blended family)
Adopting a child
Fostering a child
Sibling conflict
Two working parents
In 100-200 words, explain some of your biggest “take-aways” from this research activity. How might this information guide your relationship decision making?
Cavanaugh, J.C.,

APA ethics code powerpoint

Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on your topic. Include the following:
·A properly formatted title slide
·An agenda for your presentation
·A definition of which ethical aspirational principle and enforceable standards are relevant
·An explanation of how the issues affect the practice of professional psychology, in regards to professional supervision
·An analysis of what the APA Ethics Code would suggest as a resolution to the dispute
·A discussion on how your research into the dilemma affected your prior views and assumptions
·A properly formatted reference slide
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
Use a minimum of 2 peer reviewed (scholarly journal articles) sources.
Submit your assignment.