Coronavirus Civil Liberties Discussion

For background, you may gather Information, but you should cite your sources and explain your assessment that they are reliable.
One of the ongoing debates in civil liberties is whether the government can limit individual rights and to what extent. Great freedom is given to individual rights in our system, but there may be limitations and factors considered are public safety, collective interest of society, and rights of others.
As you know since March 2020 there have been government issued lockdowns, limitations on businesses, limitations on religious and social gatherings as well as mask mandates in an effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. There was some opening of certain states with no restrictions leading many to warn about the potential of infections increasing with new variants still spreading. The restrictions have varied by state and localities as no national orders were given in 2020 except international travel restrictions. In 2021, there has been a federal mandate to wear masks which impacts federal properties and many transportation entities subject to federal regulations. Coronavirus restrictions are one example where there has been tension between persons who claim these are violations of civil liberties or individual rights and government noting its need to institute limitations for reasons like public safety, the collective interest of society and the rights of others.
For this discussion forum, please answer all of the following questions:
Do you believe that there should be government guidelines that are discretionary for the public to follow or mandates that can be enforced by the government if violated?
What do you believe should be the guidelines or mandates at this time related to the pandemic?
Assuming there are government mandates in place for this question –
Do you believe there should be a punishment for those who don’t follow government issued mandates?
If so, what should be the punishment for individuals and for businesses or entities (like religious groups or non-profits)?
Vaccines may lead to an ability to return to normal life but could only be effective if the majority of the population gets vaccinations.
Should vaccination be required for certain activities? What activities or jobs do you believe should have policies related to vaccines?
Why or why not? Explain your answer.
One example could be school enrollment. Do you believe there should be rules for teachers or students? Should they be the same or different?
When would you feel safe returning to in-person classes? What conditions would you want in place?

Presentation of a case study – power point

As you interact with clients and review
your process recordings, you might discover that one client stands out.
This may be due to the services needed or a potential case history that
interests you.
As a future social worker,
preparing a case presentation allows you to present social work practice
skills demonstrated in addressing client needs to your colleagues.
this Assignment, you will submit a case presentation of a client you
encountered during your field education experience. Review your field
education experience notes and your previous process recordings.
The Assignment (6 power point pages and addition cover page so a total of 7):
Create a Case Presentation that includes the following:
An explanation of your agency and the services offered (note it’s in the process recordings attached)

A description of your client, including demographics, presenting
problem, goal, legal/ethical considerations, assessment, and proposed
treatment/social services delivery plan (include termination plans if
applicable) (note it’s in the process recordings attached however a treatment and delivery plan needs to be developed here.

An explanation of whether interacting with your client demonstrated social work practice skills
Identification of potential social work skills not demonstrated in
your agency or field placement, including a proposed professional
development plan
An explanation of how preparing and engaging in a formal case presentation represents a component of professional social work
I have included 2 process recordings with a client. Based off that we can make the case study presentation. I have also included a power point template and is an outline as to how the power point presentation should look like. We do not need to include the recordings but gather information from the process recordings for the case study presentation.
A treatment plan and delivery plan needs to still be developed so if you could come up with one as a potential treatment. Also we need to use theoretical social work methods. I have included a cheat sheet breaking down the methods and it is alluded in the process recording.
Please include 2 citations supporting the theoretical social work methods relevant to the population being served (homeless elders and addiction)

Was the Wild West actually wild?

Short answers should be 2-3paragraphs long (Avoid going over 3 paragraphs). Answers should consist of complete sentences, and they should not be written in bullet point format. The best answers will draw in specific examples from course readings. The question is 1.Historians disagree on whether the West was actually wild. From what you learned in class and the readings, was the West wild? This is not an opinion question. You must use specific examples and evidence from readings to argue your point. It does not matter what position you take, but you must back up your argument with specific evidence.

Communication Practices and Project Management Tools

For assistance with writing this final retrospective, you will reflect on your thoughts in journal assignments as you take on the various roles on the Scrum Team. In this module, you will reflect on the importance of communication in an agile environment. You will also briefly discuss agile project-management tools and how they enhance team communication and efficiency.
PromptIn this final journal assignment, you will think about the importance of communication on an agile team and how good communication practices support work on a development project. Now that you have taken on each role within the Scrum Team, use the following questions to guide your last assignment concerning agile communication practices and project-management tools.
Which communication practice (such as information radiator, Scrum events, and so on) do you think would be most effective in creating openness and transparency within a Scrum Team? Why?
What is an example of a communication practice from this course that helped your team complete their work? Consider an example from the SNHU Travel assignments or from the group discussions.
What is one way that an agile project-management tool (such as JIRA, Azure Boards, or RTC) can help coordinate and increase efficiency within the team? Be sure to consider a tool and not a Scrum event.
Guidelines for SubmissionSubmit your assignment as a 1– to 2–page Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

IS 310 ASSIGNEMENT, The Future of Warfare: Drones

“Why Drones Work,” Foreign Affairs Jul/Aug 2013, Vol. 92 Issue 4, pp. 32 – 43.
Audrey Kurth Cronin. “Why Drones Fail.” Foreign Affairs Jul/Aug 2013, Vol. 92 Issue 4, pp. 44 – 54.
These are in the Module.
Answer the following questions:
Summarize Byman’s argument.
Summarize Cronin’s argument.
Take a position on the issue. Do you support the use of drones? If yes, why? Do you oppose the use of drones? If so, why?
Use the #s from the questions above to respond. No essays.
Use proper grammar and complete sentences.
Double-spaced, standard margins and font, page numbers.
Word count 500 – 600 words. Include your word count in your written response.
Upload to Canvas as doc, docx, rtf, PDF, odt.
Parenthetical citation. Turnitin similarity program will be activated, please make sure you give attribution.
Please be mindful of all directions. Submissions that do not follow all the directions will be subject to a 20% grade reduction.

SCIE 3305 Environmental Systems …Biota and Biodiversity

Look up your name/number, then use that number to select the correct drop down list from the species list spreadsheet page.
I’ve included an example of a Word document using the –>insert –> smart art –> choices to build a horizontal hierarchical tree. You will select ten species and arrange them on a branching tree with each new branch given a name based on a specific classification (likeAnimalia, Chordata,Vertebrata,Mammalia etc.and ending with theGenus species. For situations where there are more than two members in the next taxonomic level, say three of your organisms represent three classes of the same phylum, or the same situation in any other level of classification; you must determine which of the two split from each other first and then the remaining two split. This will require research into the hypothesized evolution of each clade.
Branching should represent discrete classifications and there should be no nodes (branch points) with more than two branches.

agency’s intervention/treatment plan

Submit a 1-2 page paper in which you:
Briefly describe the setting where the intervention/treatment plan was conducted.
Briefly discuss how you used the literature to guide your practice (i.e. actual use of the treatment/intervention plan).
Briefly summarize the experience of actually working with the client and any emerging themes (i.e., anything in the literature that captured your attention or was repeated throughout) that were present during the intervention.
Client is an elderly lady that lives in low income housing. She is a recovering addict and has been clean for over a year now. She is in a wheel chair and requires assistance and truly should be in assisted living accommodations. At this time there is no assisted living places available and she has been put on a waitlist. Her anxiety has been very heightened and has been causing her chest pains and panic attacks. Due to her limited mobility she has been quite islolated and her fear of getting hurt or someone breaking in has impeded her ability to even leave her bed. Her health is deteriorating and she is refusing to go to the hospital or take medication as she is worried of relapse.
With this scenario the intervention treatment plan would be to apply CBT and Dialetical therapy. Please refer to document attached titled theoretical cheat sheet for the break down of these therapies. Please use 2 citations that support you using these theories in this case.
Please note that this case is in Canada.
Thank you

finding books on child development

Research books for infants and toddler and look at some picture books. Can you find books that teach babies about social emotional expression and how adults keep them safe in attachment relationships? Find at least three books and share them here with a short description of the book and why you believe this book meets the criteria.