Robert Frost “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” analysis

) used in the topic passage. Your explication is simply what the poem is about, especially in terms of theme but also including any type of “plot” if it is a narrative poem. As illustrated in the sample essay, you must copy the poem or the section of the poem at the beginning of your paper between the date and the beginning of your essay.
At just 3-4 pages, the close reading paper will be a very short composition. In most cases, just three or four fully developed bodyparagraphs, along with a brief intro and conclusion, will suffice. Although they are shorter than the required length for your essay, you should use the sample CRC essays as models for you own paper. Pay close attention to the commentary and notes at the end of the sample essays. To write the paper:
First, read and reread the literary work you will be writing about. If we have not already had a class discussion about the text, jot down any questions you may have about the work and bring them to class with you on the day of the lecture. Pay especially close attention during the class discussion and lecture, and, if your questions are not answered, ask them inclass. If you are getting a “head start,” feel free to see me during office hours with your questions.
Second, consider the specific topic passage that will be the basis of your paper. Look through the literary work to see what the passage contributes to the work’s principal themes. Take notes and annotate the text. Typing or printing a copy of the passage on a separate sheet of paper will usually facilitate better notetaking and annotations.
Third, try to formulate a one-sentence thesis that will be the basis for your response to the topic passage. Then write a very brief introductory paragraph that leads into this thesis.
Fourth, organize and write the paper using the notes and observations you collected in step 2 to develop and explain your centralargument.
Finally, print and proofread your finished essay.Remember, you may need to go back and revise, even after you have printed a draft of the paper. Again, feel free to ask for assistance with the paper before you turn it in.
Paper Format: Use MLA formatting (failure to do so will affect your grade):
➢ 1-inch margins, 12-point TimesNew Roman font,double spaced
➢ In the upper left-hand corner of the first page, you should have:
o your name
o my name (Mr. Guthrie)
o the class (EH 212)
o the date (3August 2021)
➢ After this header, please copy verbatim the topic passage you are analyzing. As seen in the example essays, you do not need a title for your essay.
➢ Your last name and the page number should appear in the upper right-hand header.
➢ Include a properly formatted Works Cited page with an entry for the text you analyzed.If you used any outside sources, you must also include entries for them as well. I have attached one source for you to use :). You can use other outside sources, just make sue that they are credible.
One in-text citation for every body paragraph
No plagiarism

Please make sure that any outside sources used are credible and published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021.

complete the following tasks

Task 9 (4/6)Choose a song performed by Nat King Cole or Frank Sinatra.(Other than “Unforgettable” or “You Do Something to Me”)
Next, find an older version of the same song recorded by a different artist.
Post both links here.
Task 10 (4/6)Find a Doo-Wop song originally recorded by a black group in the 40s/50s (Other than “Sh-Boom”).
Now find a cover version from the same era recorded by a white group.Post both links here and briefly describe the difference.(Please be precise and use musical terms we’ve learned in class)
What are your thoughts on cover songs?Also, what do you think of the change from how cover songs are seen today vs how they were seen in the 40s and 50s?

Explain Scholarly Writing and Reference Management Systems

First, you will compare and contrast the features of Endnote, Zotero, RefWorks, and Mendeley (this can be completed in a graph or table format). Then provide an explanation as to which reference management system you choose and why?
Generate text that will require 5 in-text citations. These can be on any topic that would necessitate a citation. You will utilize a reference management software package to generate your in-text citations and reference list. You may have the citations anywhere in your document. You may also simply put five randomly cited sentences at the end if you cannot fit them within the context of the document.
Length: 3-5 pages
References: A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed journals/articles.

Reflection on African American studies

Eyes on the prize. Season 2, Episode 6, “A Nation of Law?”
And read: Chapter 28, “Talking about Race, Learning about Racism (the chapter will be uploaded)
Address this question in the reflection: How does African American Studies inform major societal issues like Mass Incarceration?
Please do not use any outside sources! Cite the episode and the book only.
3-4 pages, double-spaced, 12-font, times new roman

the handmaids tale – discussion question!

Consider why you think Atwood has ended her novel with this distant perspective on the events Offred has described. How has your reading of Historical Notes changed your understanding and interpretation of Offred’s account? What would the novel lose if this section were omitted?
note that this question is one of many – no need to go crazy focus on making it amazing 🙂

the handmaids tale – youre free to pick whichever quote works for you!

This unit covers the section entitled Jezebel’s in the novel. Jezebel’s is a state-run brothel in which the privileged men who frequent it are indulging the same male sexual fantasies as in the time before Gilead. Discuss what you think is meant by each of the following comments and how you react to them. Decide what messages Atwood is trying to put across here about relationships between men and women. How relevant are these messages for today’s society?
p.128: Sometimes the movie she (Aunt Lydia) showed would be an old porno film, from the seventies and eighties… ‘Consider the alternatives,’ said Aunt Lydia. ‘You see what things used to be like? That was what they thought of women, then.’
p.130: ‘I don’t want a man around, what use are they except for ten seconds’ worth of half babies… They aren’t a patch on a woman except they’re better at fixing cars and playing football.’
p. 221: ‘The main problem was with the men. There was nothing for them any more… There was nothing to work for, nothing to fight for.’
p. 232: ‘Those years (of equality) were just an anomaly, historically speaking,’ the Commander said. ‘Just a fluke. All we’ve done is return things to Nature’s norm.’
p. 245: He (Commander) slips around my wrist a tag, purple, on an elastic band, like tags for airport luggage. ‘If anyone asks you, say you’re an evening rental.’
p. 248: …and as he talks his spine straightens imperceptibly, his chest expands, his voice assumes more and more the sprightliness and jocularity of youth. It occurs to me he is showing off.
p. 249: ‘It means you can’t cheat Nature,’ he says. ‘Nature demands variety for men. It stands to reason, it’s part of the procreational strategy. It’s Nature’s plan…Women know that instinctively. Why did they buy so many different clothes in the old days? To trick men into thinking they were several different women. A new one for each day.’
p. 255: They like to see you painted up. Just another crummy power trip.

Writing Question, Reading the book Feminism is for Everybody by bell hooks

I need you to read “ Feminism is for everybody” by bell hooks chapter 14 and 15 and The mother of all questions from “The Mother of All Questions” by Rebecca Solnit page 3-11.
Respond to the prompt
Prompt; Is equal partnership possible in a contemporary marriage ? or are domination and oppression woven into the very concept of marriage. Discuss both opposite gender marriage and same gender marriage.
You are allowed to agree with them and take the argument further or Disagree with them and explain or Agree with part of the argument and oppose other parts.
This is a module discussion: ensure correct grammar and punctuation
Also quote the writers directly if need be.

WL – Discussion post answers

) The first topic I’m sure you could have predicted. We are still trying to work with the “elements of fiction,” and be sensitive to which are most significant and how they function. In this story, I’m sure will agree that “point of view” is significant. Who is this narrator, and what is his point of view. But what about all the other people? Almost as an investigative reporter, the narrator gathers the opinions and points of view of all the townspeople. What is the nature and significance of their perspectives? Why does it matter? Look at point of view from as many angles as you can, and you will find that the discussion leads to some other important issues in the novel.
2.) An important issue in this novel is the concept of guilt. Who is guilty in this novel? Normally mysteries feature a detective who tries to sort out the clues and figure out who’s responsible. Well, who “done it” in this novel; just the Vicario brothers, or is there a greater sense of culpability that permeates the novel? The narrator seems reluctant to point fingers, but you can! Go for it! Impugn, implicate, and indict as many people as you can/wish, but make sure you back up your accusations!
3. )This relates to question 2. According to Russian Structuralist Critic Tzvetan Todorov in his article “The Typology of Detective Fiction,” the detective novel can be classified in the following manner
a. The novel must have at most one detective and one criminal, and at least one victim (a corpse).
b. The culprit must not be a professional criminal, must not be the detective, must kill for personal reasons.
c. Love has no place in detective fiction.
d. The culprit must have a certain importance
– in life, not be a butler or a chambermaid
– in the book: must be one of the main characters
e. Everything must be explained rationally. The fantastic is not admitted.
f. There is no place for descriptions, nor for psychological analyses.
g. With regard to information about the story, the following homology must be observed: ‘author: reader = criminal : detective’
h. Banal situations and solutions must be avoided
How does Chronicle uphold or subvert the genre of the mystery novel as defined by Todorov? How does García Márquez use (or abuse) the mystery genre to fulfill his authorial objectives, and WHY? This is a fun one, but again, don’t forget “THE POINT” as explained above. Explain how this novel fits into the artistic project of Garcia Marquez and what is ultimately communicated to the reader through such a unique approach to detective fiction.
4.) This is also related to question 2: Is this novel about basic human passions and emotions, especially pain, suffering and guilt, like a Greek Tragedy? Referring to Aristotles Poetics, we find the one of the basic elements of tragedy is catharsis (Katharsis). “Catharsis” has a number of definitions, from “the purging of emotions and relieving of emotional tensions” to a “discharge of pent-up emotions resulting in alleviation of the symptoms of the condition.” (Check your own dictionary as well.) Does Chronicle serve that purpose for the townspeople in the novel, or for the readers themselves? Is Chronicle related to Greek Tragedy in that manner? I cannot include the quote from Aristotle’s Poetics right here in the body of this message because it does not fit, but please refer to the Final Paper assignment under Course Documents if you are interested in writing on this topic.
Not an essay so please do not format it as one. They are discussion questions.