FIN101, 3 Questions

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Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
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FIN 350 financial market and institutions -part 1

Determine how valuable these transactions are to the United States and the global economies.
Evaluate all the factors that affect interest rates to determine the one that appears to impact interest rates the most in today’s economic climate. Support your answer with evidence and examples.
Analyze the ease or difficulty of forecasting interest rate changes. Assess the value the forecast provides.
Examine why the Federal Reserve was created. Then construct an argument as to whether or not the Federal Reserve’s major roles are essential to the U.S. economy.
Choose a recent monetary policy (adopted during the past 12 months). Analyze its current and future impact on the United States and global economies.
Imagine you are a financial manager. Develop a strategy for the use of bond markets by either an investor or a firm of your choice to meet a stated financial objective of your choice for that investor or firm.
Use at least four quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For assistance and information, please refer to the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:Develop a strategy for the use of bond markets to meet a financial objective.

PowerPoint 10-16 slides

Please ensure that your PowerPoint covers all the required subtopics. Cover every one of them since that will be my criteria to determine whether you followed the instructions. Also, please ignore part 1. Your task is part 2 ONLY. I insist please ensure that your work covers every single point highlighted in the screenshot. You should cover all of them.

Managerial financing discussion questions

Responses should be 300-400 words each.
1. Compare and contrast two types of leases and describe the advantages and disadvantages of each. Which type of lease would produce the lowest risk?
2. In a financial management firm, what benefits does leasing offer, compared to the purchase of an asset? Provide examples.

(Facebook Inc) Liquidity Ratio

Use the same heading names (in bold) before presenting the information as requested.
Report Headings
Name of Company and Ticker Symbol: (Facebook Inc) company name, ticker symbol
10-K Report: Paste the direct URL to the company’s most recent 10-K Report
Company Website: Paste the URL to the company’s website
Industry name and NAICS Code: Provide the name and NAICS code associated with the Industry Average data. (1 point)
Liquidity Ratios: Follow the formatting in the example below to present the data. See the sample eStatement Studies document posted under the Activities tab for help in finding the industry average data needed for this assignment.
Industry Average*
Current Ratio (CA/CL)

Quick Ratio [(CA-Inventory)/CL]

* list all 3 industry average figures for each ratio
Asset Utilization Ratios: Follow the formatting in the example below to present the data. See this sample eStatement Studies document (this study case correspond with week 5 in this sample) for help in finding the industry average data needed for this assignment.
Industry Average**
Inventory Turnover (CGS*/Inv.) )

Fixed Asset Turnover (Sales/Net PPE)

Total Asset Turnover (Sales/Total Assets)

*use Cost of Goods sold to make the comparison to the industry average more accurate.** list all 3 industry average figures for each ratio
Evaluation: Share what we learn from the data and information collected for this discussion. Interpret each of the ratios and review the Financial Ratios Guidelines document for direction. Do you see any red flags? Does it appear as though the company may have difficulty paying its bills on time? Does it appear as though the company is making efficient use of its assets to generate sales? Sufficiently examining the data and information collected will likely require at least 250 words.

Finance 101 homework

just paid a dividend of $2.15 yesterday. The company is expected to grow at a steady rate of 5 percent for the foreseeable future. If investors in stocks of companies like Alaman require a rate of return of 15 percent, what should be the market price of Alaman’s stock? (1 mark)

Q2: Carrefour is expecting its new center to generate the following cash flows:
Initial investment
Net operating cash flows
a. What is the payback period for this new center. (1 mark)
b. Calculate the net present value using a cost of capital of 15 percent. Should the project be accepted? (1 mark)

Q3: Alfa corp has a capital structure which is based on 50% common stock, 20% preferred stock and 30% debt. The cost of common stock is 14%, the cost of preferred stock is 8% and the pre-tax cost of debt is 10%. The firm’s tax rate is 40%. (2 marks)
Calculate the WACC of the firm.
The firm is considering a project that is equally as risky as the firm’s current operations. This project has initial costs of $280,000 and annual cash inflows of $66,000, $320,000, and $133,000 over the next three years, respectively. What is the net present value of this project?

Health Finance Management Assig 5

The first part of this assignment is to come up with a facility that you wish to analyze. You may create your own facility name, background, and information, or you can base the facility on a healthcare organization with which you are familiar. Be sure to include a name for your facility, whether it is fictitious or real. Give a brief description of your facility, including information about its history, its current financial situation, and whether it is for-profit or nonprofit.
Once you have chosen a facility and provided the background information, it is time to discuss the short-term debt financing options for your facility. Include the following components in your essay:
Compare and contrast three different external short-term debt-financing options that are available for your facility.
Suppose that your facility is projected to face a cash shortage later this year. Which of the options you listed would be the best option to cover this shortage at your facility? Why?
Your essay must be at least two pages in length, double-spaced.

i need to answer 3 questions

When we look at the balance sheet of an existing company, we
are observing the average for the company, as it exists today – a historical record of their
financial position.
Consider the following information for MAC

Pricing for European Options on dividend paying index (Black Scholes Merton Model)

The following data relate to the FTSE 100 index.
Current price 7125
Dividend Yield 2.95%
Volatility 13.25%
The risk-free rate of interest is 1%.
i) Estimate the value of a European exercise call option on the index with an exercise
price of 7100 and 100 days to run.
ii) Estimate the value of a European exercise put option on the index with the same
exercise price and expiry date.
(Pretty sure the Black-Scholes Merton model is used to complete this but I don’t fully understand, answer length not important as long as workings are shown)