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You will construct a lengthy (5-6 full pages) argument in which you take an argumentative stance on the same controversial issue you did your bibliography and exploratory essay on, and then seek to develop that argument with a number of premises. You will also want to acknowledge the other side’s argument and refute it accordingly. See the brief description below (and the chapter from Allyn-Bacon) to showcase what the components of a classical argument are.
This paper is similar to the first paper, the analysis. You need an attention-grabbing introduction, an engaging conclusion, and a solid thesis driven argument. Unlike the first paper, where your evidence was your personal criteria regarding a film, you need to back up your claims with evidence from scholarly sources this time.
You should incorporate a minimum 4-5 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources (not something Googled) to display that you are responding to part of a larger scholarly conversation. You should incorporate sources to help you on your side, and to engage in a conversation with sources against you.
The deadline will be Tuesday, August 1, by 12:00 PM. No late papers will be accepted, unless with special permission from the instructor. The instructions for our weekly activities leading up to the paper are on the learning module.
Classical Argument Components:
Attention grabbing intro w/ thesis: circa 1 page
Neutral summary of both sides: ½ page, a short paragraph with common arguments for and against. This is meant to be a bit general and unspecific: it’s a warm-up for the reader. This is a good time to cite the research you’ve done to show you’re an expert on the topic!
Your argument (premises): what are you using to support your thesis? Circa 3 pages. Remember that you are on the offensive rather than the defensive here. Each section should follow the “Build the Burger” format from our book: you should begin with a topic sentence, show evidence from your sources, and then drive home the point in your own words.

Freshman Seminar Unit 11

Sleeping without a pillow reduces back pain and keeps yours spine stronger.
There are so many kinds of apples, that if you ate a new one everyday it would take over 20 years to try them all.
Stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve razor blades!
Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
Some health reports tout to drink green tea and plenty of water and include blueberries, broccoli, and almonds.
ASSIGNMENT #1: 2 questions with 3 parts to answer; 3rd question with 2 pts to answer
1) What is your college major? If undeclared what is an intended major? What is your desired profession?
2) Reflect on three (3) term goals for yourself being:
A. SHORT TERM (next 3-6 months)
B. MIDTERM GOALS (1 year from now)
C. LONG TERM GOALS: (future)
3) What will make you:
A. SUCCEED with your future college/career goals fulfillment;
B. NOT SUCCEED your future college/career goals?
[These answers will be your own subjective viewpoints.]
ASSIGNMENT #2: Subjective questions – convey your opinions, please
1)What surprised you about your IDS 109 course?
2) What did you like about the course? Be specific. Which topics did you like the best?
3) What didn’t you like about the course? Be specific (It is okay to say you didn’t like something).
4) Please answer each question printed below (a, b

The Bhagavad Gita

” :
You must also read all of The Bhaga-vad Gita.:https://www.worldhistory.org/Bhagavad_Gita/
Answer BOTH parts (A and B) and answer question number 2.
Your post should be about 200 words, two paragraphs, and should contain details and at least one quote or paraphrase from the video, and one from the text.
A. Which of the experts in the video has been the most interesting to you or the most helpful in understanding and appreciating the Gita? Why?
B. Does the Gita justify war? How so? If you do not believe it justifies war and killing, explain why. You must use quotes from the text to support your answer in either case.
“Dharma” is a key term for understanding the Gita,” says Gavin Flood and Charles Martin in the Introduction to your edition of The Bhagavad Gita. (See p. ix for the initial mention of this in the Introduction.) In your post, demonstrate that you understand the concept of dharma and then find one short passage that shows why it is such an important idea in the Gita. Quote the passage. Explain your passage.

Editorial or Opinion piece writing

Write an editorial or opinion piece and send it into a newspaper addressed to the editor of the paper. You may want to read some editorials to get a feel for what is expected. The letter must be in business letter format (pg. 39 in the reader) and addressed to the editor of a real newspaper. Criteria: clearly addresses audience and purpose and use of appropriate tone. Make sure you include contact information, phone number or email address.

ENG Comp Unit 4 Discussion

Please compose one single paragraph in response to both readings in which you summarize each article’s main ideas, without making any direct statements implying your position. Instead, attribute the position to the author of each article and summarize the main ideas with neutrality. In the paragraph, find a middle ground between the two opposing arguments, asserting a position in which both sides could possible come together with some agreement. I recognize an agreement between these two sides will be difficult to figure out. Just brainstorm and do your best to come up with some middle ground; play the role of mediator in your imagination. Use a quotation from each of the readings within this paragraph, including an introductory phrase and citation for each quotation.
Part 2
“Annoying Ways People Use Sources” (Stedman)
Contains unread posts
Be sure to follow the Important Guidelines for Discussions
The following article is not in your textbook. Use the link to read the following article:
Stedman, “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” – New Link Below. (Try right click if you have difficulty opening)
Annoying Ways People Use Sources (Stedman)
If the link doesn’t work, be sure you are logged into the library home page before you click the link.
Write about something that you learned or found helpful in this article about the research process. Have you ever been annoying in the ways Stedman illustrates in his article? If so, in what way(s)? Make sure that you include a quotation from the article to support your points.
part 3
Research Paper Plan
Topic overview: write a short paragraph describing your topic.
You might discuss why it is important or why it interests you. You could talk a bit about what you think you already know about the topic or your personal experience.

What are the two sides, do you think, about this issue? You might not know clearly yet the two distinct points of view on this topic, but at this point, what do you think those two positions are?
What issues with a middle ground to you foresee at this point?

What are two sources that you might use for your essay?List your two or more possible sources in MLA format. For each of your two sources, you should write 1 sentence evaluating the source/ describing why it is academically strong, and 1 sentence that discusses how you might use the research in your paper.

What is your preliminary/working thesis?After you’ve found a few potential sources, you want to answer your essential question. This will be your working thesis. As you read more about your topic, you might modify or change your thesis. For a Rogerian Argument, your thesis will essentially assert a middle ground position that the two sides might find agreeable.

What are two points that you might make to defend each claim, two points per side, at this point in your research process?Start to brainstorm how you might support each side of the argument. You should begin to list a few points that you will use. Make sure that you have evidence from a strong source to support each of these points.

Who is your audience? The Rogerian style of argument asks that you consider the effects that a polarized audience might have on your presentation of the information for your essay. Determine what sort of audience could benefit from your neutral and unbiased presentation of this material. For example, if you were to be writing about gun laws, it would be helpful in writing your Rogerian argument to imagine an audience for your paper to be some NRA members in combination with parents who are concerned with school shootings as readers of your essay. The audience would be polarized, thus requiring a delicate approach in the argument in order not to alienate each side. How could the audience gain from a balanced argument?
What are you excited about learning?
What challenges are you having?

“The Undercover Parent” by Harlan Coben

Your instructor may specify which question to answer and/or additional questions to answer:
How does Coben anticipate the opposing viewpoints of his proposal? Where does he address them and how?
Do you think that Coben’s anticipation and address of the opposing viewpoints of his proposal are efficient? Which are particularly efficient and why?
Write a counterargument to Coben’s proposal. Choose one of the methods presented in the module to concede a point but still stand your ground or critique an opposing view.

Critical thinking – Environmental Science

Your summary, specifying the particular modules and articles or chapters summarized, must be between 1,000 to 1,250 words i.e. about 4 and 5 pages (excluding the title page and references) in standard font size 12 and double-spaced. It must include at least 3 different sources and must be in the American Psychological Association (APA) writing manual style.
Hint: In your summaries, you must seek to address the ‘what?’, ‘how?’, ‘when?’ and ‘why?’ questions relating to the works you choose. This means making sure you answer the following questions: a. What issue(s) do the works discuss? b. How does the issue manifest itself? (In other words, how does the issue or problem look like in ‘real-life’?); c. When did the issue become a local, regional, national or international concern? d. Why do you and scholars in the field think the issue is important?
Module 5: Human Populations and Essential Resources (Pt. I)
Module 6: Human Populations and Essential Resources II
Module 7: Harnessing Energy for Human Societies
Module 8: Pollution and Prevention

ACC Federal Income Week 2 Discussion

300 words
Part 2
In your own words, explain how a personal casualty loss is determined and how the loss is calculated. Include in your discussion post how the determination of the loss is made, and the limits or floors that are placed on personal casualties, as well as any exceptions to those limits. 300 words

Group Discussion Topic and Report

please complete reading of parts 2 and 3: Gillikin and City of Emeralds. So I will need to give a topic to my group, please choose a topic and I will send to my group thank you! https://www.gutenberg.org/files/55/55-h/55-h.htm#c… link for the reading. the report will be 6-7 sentences.