Do a bit research and answer for below 11 question with at least five sentences.

Provide a citation for each answer.
1. Describe Digital Literacy (how to know what is real on the web).
2. None of these people exist. What does this mean to you?
3. Why is Wikipedia more reliable than a paper encyclopedia?
4. How useful are crowd sources answers?
5. What are some drawbacks to crowd sourced answers?
6. Do people generally utilize the diversity of sources on the Internet effectively?
7. How reliant are we and how reliant should we be on getting our news from social media?
8. How do humans remain vigilant when we turn over authority to computers? Have you tried to navigate without gps?
9. If models are simplifications or reality, why do we rely on them?
10. Why was this model, used by Amazon for hiring, wrong?
11. Why did Skynet declare war on the human race?

Research topic proposal on some aspect of the surveillance state. Do a five source annotated reference list on topic.

The topic should be of graduate level not a survey. Investigate an important question.
Your Research Project will be a presentation on some aspect of the surveillance state. Do a five source annotated bibliography/reference list on the subject. There should be two annotations for each source. In the first write a paragraph of at least five sentences summarizing the thesis of the article. In the second write a paragraph of at least five sentences summarizing your reflections on the thesis of the article. You should do a deep dive into a topic. Do not do a survey. Make use of academic references such as you can find in the Danforth LIbrary research databases
Use at least five sources.
Copying without attribution or the use of spinbot or other word substitution software will result in a grade of 0.
Write in essay format not in bulleted, numbered or other list format.
Do not use attachments as a submission. Do not zip your submission

Case study on Disaster Recovery Plan

The entity has two (2) large sites. The corporate
office is in Spanish Town St Catherine and the manufacturing site is Old Harbor. In addition, the
CB Group has five (5) smaller sites.
At the Corporate site, you currently have eight (8) physical servers that host approximately one
hundred twenty (120) virtual machines (computers). The servers are needed to host email,
various databases, file services, print services, and a point-of sales-application. The virtual
machines are stored on a centrally located storage area network (SAN) that has multiple power
supplies, and use a redundant array of independent disks (RAID).
Over the last three (3) years, you have had two (2) power failures that caused the servers to go
down at the corporate office. Recently, during one (1) of these incidents, files on one (1) of the
servers were corrupted. It was later discovered that the backup could only partially restore the
data files, but could not restore the server itself.
The servers must remain available and reliable. As the administrator, you must ensure that you
can recover from a failure or problem quickly with minimum loss.
Develop a continuity plan/disaster recovery plan for CB Chicken in which you address
the following:
1. Suggest an approach that provides redundancy (failover) for all mission critical
functions in the event of a disaster including power failure. Consider the
following in your approach: Essential Infrastructure; Email; Database; File
Services; Print Services; Point-of-Sale Applications; Power Redundancy
2. Identify the changes that should be made to the backup procedures in order to
address the problem with the server backups.
3. Outline the necessary actions that Server Administrators must verify for proper
operation of servers in the event of a failover.
4. Provide a plan for returning all services back to the primary systems once the
crisis has passed.
5. Examine the pros and cons of moving part of the data center to the Old Harbor
office and housing it there on a permanent basis. Provide your recommendation
for the stated action
6. Identify a cloud category service to CB Chicken (IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS) and explain
how you came to that conclusion and how the company may benefit.

Multiple Inheritance

C does but Ada does not. Java takes a middle ground approach of allowing multiple inheritance of interfaces but not classes. Using a C example, illustrate some of the complexities that multiple inheritance introduces. How does C deal with them? Why does Java’s middle ground approach offer some of the benefits of multiple inheritance while avoids its problems.

Answer two questions in 500 words

Q) Find an example of a code of ethics or acceptable use policy related to information technology and highlight five points that you think are important.
There must be at least two APA formatted references (and APA in-text citation). Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the author’s words and continue to use in-text citations.
Make sure no Plagiarism!

three tools that can aid in recovering deleted Macintosh files, compare their capabilities, and write a prof report

One of your clients is a small music production company. One day you receive a phone call from Andrea, the owner and president of the music company.
Andrea believes one of her employees, a sound technician, has been stealing intellectual property from the company. She thinks he is copying original music scores and then selling them to upstart musicians, claiming that he wrote them. Andrea checked the employee’s computer the previous night and thinks he has been deleting the files to cover his tracks.
Andrea’s employee uses a Macintosh computer. There are several tools available for recovering files that have been deleted from a Mac, including:
Mac Keeper Files Recovery,
Mac Data Recovery, and
Recuva for Mac.
Although all these tools accomplish the same goal, each has one or more unique features. You should consider the full capability set of each tool when gathering information and determine which tool would be the best choice for the scenario in this assignment.
You will research three tools that can aid in recovering deleted Macintosh files and write a paper about their capabilities. You must also recommend one product for use in this case and justify your recommendation.
For this assignment, you are to:
Research three tools that can aid in recovering deleted Macintosh files, compare their capabilities, and write a professional report in which you recommend one product for use in this case, justifying your recommendation.
Your report will be 4-5 pages in length. Your report must adhere to Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing references as appropriate.

Identify an organization that has had ethical issues related to green computing that affected their

Briefly describe the organization and then answer these questions for each:
What was the ethical issue?
Who was responsible for the issue?
How was the issue addressed?
How were stakeholders impacted?
What was the impact on the organization?
How did the organization address the issues?
Your well-written report should be 4-5 pages in length, not including the title or reference pages. Use academic writing standards and APA style guidelines, citing at least two references in support of your work, in addition to your text and assigned readings.