Summarize the article , should be at least 500 words

Summarize the article in your own word, should be at least 500 words.
2. Verbalize the hypothesis OR the major theme of the study/research/paper.
3. Identify how the author(s) supports the hypothesis OR addresses the problem of the study/research/paper.
4. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the study/research/paper.
5. Explain the importance of the study/research/paper and discuss how it will be applicable to your career/job.
General Instructions for Writing
The article review will be double spaced, using correct grammar and spelling. I will deduct for misspelled words and incorrect grammar.
Please title your article review at the top of the review. Put your name on the paper, as well as the course section you are enrolled (003 or 004). May you please let me know if you don’t see the link to the article. I uploaded a file