Studying sleep effects within the blood brain barrier


You must find and upload five (5) multimedia links that you would like to include in your project’s wiki. These can include videos, screencasts, podcasts, images, etc, but they must be from a reputable source (i.e. a link to someone’s blog is not acceptable, unless that person is an established, well-respected presence – for example a professional scientist or medical doctor who is not attempting to sell a product).

Upload all images/links in a single word file.

Under each image/link, please provide a short explanation of:

why you chose this particular media, and

how it adds to your project/where it could fit in your wiki.

These need not be more than one or two sentences each.

Please provide reference information for all media uploaded.

Upload the Word file to this assignment.


Note: if you provide the link to a video don’t write a summary of the contents of the video – just write why you chose the video and how it would fit in your wiki.

There will be 5 multimedia links.

For each multimedia link:

media item provided is appropriate for an academic wiki and to your topic

valid link to the media item is provided that leads directly to that item on the Internet when clicked

clear statement of why this item was chosen

clear statement of how/where the item fits into your wiki

Thank You

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