Coursework 2 will consist of a 2500 (and +/- 10%) words assignment that demonstrates your ability; to understand the context of organisations in the markets where they have to face the fierce competition of different competitors and to apply appropriate marketing strategies to place organisations in a competitive position in the micro and macro environment by using the available resources.


For a ‘new to market’ product/service of your choice, you are required to write an Individual Management Report which discusses and identifies Marketing Aspects. Your report will cover the following criteria:


  1. a) Develop your product/service idea and compile the main components of a well-researched marketing strategy that could be used for sustained success of the product (50% of marks)


  1. b) Give a critical assessment of how the complexities of the external environment and economic conditions will impact on Marketing and Operational Planning for the product. (25% of marks)


  1. c) Propose and Justify suitable methods and techniques for sustaining business operations and customer value. Suggest relevant measures and approaches to managing performance, quality and process\systems improvement. (25% of marks)



  1. Criteria.

Please use an appropriate professional format that combines critical evaluation in a business report style underpinned by academic arguments, models, supports and references. Whilst the use of web sites is acceptable, please remember that this is an academic piece of work in an applied context. The majority of your work should be from text books, company reports, and Journal articles.


  1. Please go through the university presentation attached in PPT format before you write the work course, This presentation will help you to know what the Dr. expect in my submission.

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