Stradegic Plan of Johnson Electric SD WAN

You must design a strategic plan for organizational continuous improvement or growth based on your design of an experiment and analysis of data. The Organization is Johnson Electric.

Make sure all components of the document are present and are written using a professional tone and presentation.

Your final paper should consist of the following components:

The problem statement will be the choice of using SDWAN or staying with MPLS. The objective will move to SD WAN.

An executive summary with a brief overall summary of results and recommendations for further action
Statement of the problem and hypotheses
A brief overview of your design
A brief overview of your data analysis results with supporting tables, charts, and narratives (e.g., focus on only the key insights, you do not need to show charts or tables pertaining to data cleaning or testing of assumptions).
A discussion of your strategic plan pertaining to an organizational change, supported by the results of your study
What needs to change and why including a discussion of how this strategy is aligned with the overall organizational strategy
How the change will be implemented (who, what, when), including how the key performance indicators (e.g., the variables that you analyzed in your experiment) will be monitored and progress will be communicated
Overall summary or conclusions
Length: 15-20 page paper, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.

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