Stanley Milgram

Researching a theorist in the history of Social Psychology

Make a Power Point of the autobiography of a theorist from the history of social psychology (8-12 slides). Use the “I” voice.

Make a time line of major events and turning points– idenifying BOTH year (1920) AND age (10 yrs old) for events in the theorist’s life.

Make a map of where they lived and traveled.

Include where the theorist is from in place and time, aspects of their childhood (family, experiences), education (places and degrees), personal life (partners and family), and career (jobs and experiences), and most importantly their theoretical contributions to social psychology (what was their social psychological theory?). Explain their theory, experiments (and other methods), and ideas.. See if you can find out who influenced them and who they influenced.

Be sure to include an APA style reference page.

References in APA style (In order to make the indentation, go to Paragraph, Special Indentation, and choose Hanging Indent.)

Last name, first initial. (Year). Title of article: Subtitle of my article. Title of Journal Italicized and Capitalized, 1(1): 230-240. (Retrieved at http://websiteaddress on 12/12/12).

Last name, first initial. (Year). Title of book italicized but not capitalized. City, NY: Publishing Company. (Retrieved at http://websiteaddress on 12/12/12).Institution. (Date). Website Title. (Retrieved at http://websiteaddress on 12/12/12).

Webpage title. (date). Website title. url. (for web pages without author)

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