Speech 1315: Persuasive Speech

org/ Please use PDF attachment for reference. Helpful Hints: Copy the PDF example into your own Word document. Then replace my example with your outline. This way, you will be sure to complete everything. Source Cite Mistakes: Students quite often forget to include their source cites “as they would say them” at the end of the outline. This is an automatic 5 point deduction. (Don’t let this happen to you!) Remember, proper source cites include dates. “According to the North Tyler Day Nursery’s website last accessed on November 14, 2015…” Also, avoid listing things like “www” and “.org.” Instead say “website.” Do not include cites throughout your outline–just at the end.
Attention Getter Mistakes: For these types of speeches is one person’s (or pet’s) story is always better. This must be a real person’s (or pet’s) story that you found on your charity’s website or in a charity newsletter. Do not start your speech with statistics. For example, if you are doing your speech on the East Texas Crisis Center, here is one person’s story: Linda married her high school sweetheart. Things seemed to go well for a while. Then her husband started controlling her every move. After her two sons were born, her husband’s behavior became physically violent. Something as simple as not having dinner ready on time often resulted in a black eye or other injuries for Linda. One day, one of Linda’s sons tried to choke her–something he had seen his father do many times.That was the day Linda packed up her children and moved into the East Texas Crisis Center. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated story.
Your Credibility and Motivate the Audience Mistakes: Do not forget to include Your Credibility and Motivate the Audience in your Introduction. If you do not have first hand experience, your credibility can be that “I have completed extensive research on the topic. Motivate the Audience by relating your topic to them. You can always say something like, “Imagine if it was you or your family member in this situation. How would you feel?”