[Solved] How do companies utilize marketing, propaganda, and persu…

How do companies utilize marketing, propaganda, and persuasion from a psychological perspective to persuade people to believe in their ideas/products. Guidelines: Your paper should include a minimum of 3 references drawn from the following sources (this does not include course materials): Peer reviewed articles Text books Reputable websites (no more than 1; these include sites ending in .edu or .gov. The use of other types of sites will require instructor approval). Format: Papers should be formatted according to the guidelines set forth by the APA Publication Manual (6th ed.) and should be written in MS Word. Also: Papers should be a full 5 pages long. Be sure to include a cover page and reference page. These are not counted as part of the page length requirement. Be sure to correctly cite references in the body of the paper. Papers should be written in 12pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced with 1’ margins. 10% of the grade for this paper is based on correct APA formatting.

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