[Solved] Constructing a Data Warehouse for a Growing Company…

Constructing a Data Warehouse for a Growing Company The merged company described in Unit 4 continues to grow. More stores have been added and Internet sales are growing. The company is now considering expanding internationally. Before expansion, the company wants to explore new ways to grow, cut costs, and increase profits. In order to study the company’s sales patterns and determine their needs, the management has decided to establish a data warehouse. The merged data will be moved into the new warehouse. However, the following questions need to be answered prior to warehouse construction. In this Application, write a 2- to 3-page paper to answer the questions listed below. 1.What should other external feeds be included? These can be from partners, government services, or other available RSS feeds. Explain. 2.When the data was moved into the merged database, duplicates were eliminated and errors removed. How do we ensure only clean data will be entered into the data warehouse? 3.How frequently should the data in the data warehouse be updated? Remember the cost is inversely proportional to the time, i.e., the shorter the load interval the higher the cost. Should the update interval be the same for all feeds? Justify your answer. 4.Can the updates be done in parallel? Do any require sequential order?

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