[Solved] Business Ethic Case question: Kwikaxess: A New Business M…

Business Ethic Case question: Kwikaxess: A New Business Model Would you invest in KwikAxess? Why or why not? What is the role of language and management speak in masking a very disturbing reality? NOTE you will need to explore and explain management speak! The Carlson Company and Global Corporate Citizenship: The Protection of Children in the Travel and Tourism Industry What will be some of the major challenges facing Carlson Nelson should she decide to give the go-ahead for constructing the Regency hotel complex in Costa Rica? Identify Carlson Nelson’s resources of influence within Carlson Companies. Explain how stakeholder theory relates to the case, and what stakeholders matter here? What possible burdens do businesses take on when they agree to abide by voluntary codes of conduct? Discuss potential advantages AND DISADVANTAGES to Carlson Companies if it decides to develop the hotel in Papagayo. If the hotel project in Papagayo is successful and is widely adopted by other resort hotel complexes, wht impact could this have on Costa Rica? What issues might surround the implementation of the Code at the new hotel in Papagayo, should Carlson decide to proceed with the project? How would the Code’s implementation actual play out?

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