[Solved] British citizen Michael Woodford was a superstar executiv…

British citizen Michael Woodford was a superstar executive for Japanese manufacturer Olympus, as he achieved tremendous success heading up their European division. He then became one of the very few Western executives to become a CEO of a Japanese corporation when he was named CEO of Olympus. But his tenure as CEO was very brief in one of the most extreme cases of culture class ever seen in recent corporate history. Woodford only survived six months as CEO after being embroiled in an ethics dispute with the chair of Olympus corporate board. Before starting this case, carefully review the background materials and pay close attention to cultural differences in leadership across cultures, including the differences between Eastern and Western cultures and the concepts of power distance and individualism/collectivism. Also, review some of the concepts from previous modules such as sources of power and power tactics. Then do some research on Michael Woodford and his stint at Olympus. Here are some articles to get you started: Rowley, A. (2012, Jan 10). Olympus saga: Lessons in corporate reform. 

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