[Solved] Based on what you have learned about using unified commun…

Based on what you have learned about using unified communication platforms in a collaborative environment, put together a 10-15 slide presentation to a department head or the CEO of a company, to convince the audience that this would benefit their business. Pretend your company doesn’t have any unified communications platform. Your object will be to pick a unified communications platform (Skype, WebEx, or GoToMeeting) and say why your business should start using it. You can use an actual place you’ve worked, if they didn’t have one of these tools, or use an imaginary business. It’s not a vital part of the assignment. Explain what unified communication platforms are and how they benefit the business. List the available options with a brief description of each. State the business problem, why do we need to invest money in this technology? What are we spending money on that we wouldn’t need to with this (provide several examples)? Choose which option to recommend and explain why it’s the best.

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