[Solved] Based on what you have learned about mobile and wearable …

Based on what you have learned about mobile and wearable computing devices, put a 10-15 slide presentation to a department head or the CEO of a company together, to convince the audience that these devices and the data from these devices would benefit their business. Pretend the company you are advising is a small chain of stores with drivers that deliver, like a pizza restaurant. Approach the paper from the standpoint that the company will adopt their use for employees. What might mobile devices benefit a small restaurant chain? What wearable devices would they find beneficial? They have both dine in and delivery customers, and there own drivers. They might also cater events and sell at places like the fair or a festival. You can choose from the entire spectrum of devices we learned about this week, from laptops to smartphones and tablets, on to Google Glass, or holographic keyboards. Use your imagination and you don’t have to limit yourself to what we learned about in the videos. Describe several options, what area of the business they impact, and how they benefit the business.

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