[Solved] Assignment Instructions During week 2, you were introd…

​Assignment Instructions During week 2, you were introduced to an organizational tool to help you track and evaluate sources as you found them during the research phase of your project. If you did not download the Word document or the spreadsheet, please do so now. For your final project, you will need to collect a minimum of 4 sources. These 4 sources must relate to the research questions you posed in your Week 2 concept map or outline. Make connections between your scholarly resources and your research topic–you are building toward your project with each assignment. When you have logged at least 4 sources, included the bibliographical information as suggested in the worksheet, and provided a summary of the source, then attach the document to this assignment. In a separate word document, draft a 4-5 sentence paragraph describing your source search process and how these sources might be useful in creating your final presentation about a career interest.​

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