[Solved] Application Plan and Evaluation (3 page) Part 1 – Plannin…

Application Plan and Evaluation (3 page) Part 1 – Planning Identify and define a target skill see page 19 wheel for selection. (I choose Motivating employee) Identify 2 or three aspects of the skill important to you. (EX: 1. I could do a much better job if I had more training 2. Whenever possible, I make sure valued rewards are linked to high performance) Use relevant chapter assessments and results with your interpretation.(see attachment) Report on settings and situations where you expect to have an opportunity to work on this skill outside of the classroom. Provide information on circumstances: Who is involved and relationships? When and how frequently does relevant situations present themselves? Where and under what conditions ate you likely to be involved? Describe your intended actions (behaviors) that will engage the target skill. Describe the necessary steps you will take. When will you attempt skill application? Anticipated obstacles to skill application and how to overcome them. What will be your expected outcome of skill application? What indicators will you use to determine successful skill application? Part 2 – Evaluation 1.Report on results 2.Describe your (behaviors) that engaged the target skill. A.Report on the steps you took. B.What happened when you applied the skill? C.Report on any obstacles to skill application and impact. 3.What did your indicators provide regarding skill application outcome? 4.What can you improve the next time you engage the target skill? 5.What was least expected or surprising regarding this skill application? 6.Report on what you learned through this application experience. 7.How might this experience help you in the future?

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