Sociological Prespectives of the Dynamics of Gender

For this assignment, you will submit the literature review section of your grant proposal. The literature review section of a grant proposal demonstrates the applicant’s understanding of their topic. The literature review can help the grantee develop their specific research question or public issue and the method they will use to answer that question or help address that issue. The literature review helps the reader understand what is already known about the research question or public issue. I will give you detailed comments on your literature reviews to enable you to revise them for inclusion in your final grant proposals.Your literature review must contain proper in-text and bibliographic citations in American Sociological Association format (literature reviews without a bibliography will experience a substantial grade penalty).

The literature review should attempt to address the following questions: How has the topic or problem been addressed in the past? What are the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches? How do the sources relate to one another? Are there any unanswered questions that you could answer in a research project? OR does the literature point to how you could address your issue as a social justice project?

The literature review should demonstrate sociological writing style. What does this mean? It means you should use formal academic writing (minimize contractions and colloquialisms), but it also means the writing should exhibit some of the key features of sociology as a discipline. For example, the literature review should use sociological language. Terms like deviance, norms, and socialization, therefore, are more appropriate for this genre of writing than are terms used in casual conversation. The literature review should avoid personal anecdotes or discussions of the process of selecting the journal articles.

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