Social Media Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Introduction. A paragraph that includes the paper statement and a concise outline for the paper to tell the reader what the paper is about.
• Background. Specify the consumer behavior issue, question, or concern you are researching. Explain why it is of interest to business today.
• Theoretical Foundation. Indicate what consumer behavior theories or concepts have been used to explain this aspect of consumer behavior. Provide 2 theories or concepts with examples of the academic research hypotheses that have been developed. If possible, identify possible areas where theories and concepts may seem to be in conflict.
• Findings. Summarize the findings of 2 academic studies that have analyzed consumer behavior in this area. Identify areas of agreement across studies, and where the studies are not in agreement.
• Conclusion. Evaluate and present a point of view on the past research in this area. What are the implications of this research for the client? Are there additional aspects that merit further research? Develop 2 managerial “take-aways” or recommendations from your evaluation of academic research in this area.
Paper Format:
1. Double spaced
2. Font 12 Times New Roman.
3. References (please use the APA style).

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